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How to Use Occam’s Razor Without Getting Cut
Occam’s razor can be summarized as follows:

Among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected.
decisionmaking  philosophy 
10 days ago by JohnDrake
Make Great Decisions Quickly with TOMASP – Shopify Engineering
We're naturally bad at making complex decisions. I’ll show you how you can consistently make great decisions using a simple framework called TOMASP.
decisionmaking  shopify 
19 days ago by jeffkraemer
Logo | Guidelines | GatsbyJS
an example of very detailed logo guidance. see also the footnotes section, which provides documentation about the history of decisionmaking.
logo  branding  identity  documentation  decisionmaking 
5 weeks ago by frankfarm
Argyris' Model 2 Values
Argyris' Model 2 Values

Chris Argyris at Harvard identified four common values that drive people that he called the Model 1 Theory-in-use, to differentiate it from the more saintly Espoused Theory ...
values  traits  decisions  DecideWhatToDo  decisionmaking  from notes
6 weeks ago by rhaley
[Internal Memo] Principles for Decision-Making in a Flat Organization
How can non-hierarchical teams balance transparency and openness to feedback with making decisions quickly? Practical thoughts from a back-end team leader...
business  decisions  leadership  management  decisionmaking 
8 weeks ago by phillias

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