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The Art of Creative Thinking: 89 Ways to See Things Differently: Rod Judkins: 9780399176838: Books
The Art of Creative Thinking: 89 Ways to See Things Differently [Rod Judkins] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. <b>Get ready to get inspired</b>   In short and engaging entries, this deceptively simple volume presents examples of creative thinkers from the worlds of writing
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yesterday by guilleten
Donald Trump’s Year of Living Dangerously - POLITICO Magazine, Jan 2, 2018
By the time the dinner was over, the leaders were in shock, and not just over the idle talk of armed conflict. No matter how prepared they were, eight months into an American presidency like no other, this was somehow not what they expected. A former senior U.S. official with whom I spoke was briefed by ministers from three of the four countries that attended the dinner. “Without fail, they just had wide eyes about the entire engagement,” the former official told me. Even if few took his martial bluster about Venezuela seriously, Trump struck them as uninformed about their issues and dangerously unpredictable, asking them to expend political capital on behalf of a U.S. that no longer seemed a reliable partner. “The word they all used was: ‘This guy is insane.’”

Seasoned diplomats who have seen Trump up close throw around words like “catastrophic,” “terrifying,” “incompetent” and “dangerous.”
foreign_policy  decision_making  Trump  TrumpAdministration  State_Department 
13 days ago by elizrael
בישראל שקלו לתקוף את משרפות אסד | ישראל היום Oct 8, 2017
בהתייעצויות שנערכו בישראל היו דעות בעד ונגד התקיפה, כאשר לכל המשתתפים היה ברור כי לא מדובר באיום ביטחוני על ישראל אלא בעניין מוסרי. בסופו של דבר החליטה גם ישראל להימנע מתקיפה על רקע יחסיה עם ארה"ב ורוסיה, וכדי להימנע מהסלמה לא רצויה בחזית הצפון.
Israel  Damascus  Holocaust  Mar15  attack  decision_making 
28 days ago by elizrael
Trump had for months been determined to move U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem - The Washington Post
Kushner, the president’s son-in-law, had supported the move from early in Trump’s candidacy, and Pence, who is to visit Israel this month, told Trump that his base would love the decision, something the president liked to hear.
Trump  TrumpAdministration  Israel  Palestine  Jerusalem  decision_making  White_House 
4 weeks ago by elizrael
Untangling your organization’s decision making | McKinsey & Company
Scope and Impact [broad-narrow] -v- Level of Familiarity [familiar, frequent; unfamiliar, infrequent]

Analysis of each of the four quad/types defined in the following

Big-bet decisions. These infrequent and high-risk decisions have the potential to shape the future of the company.

Cross-cutting decisions. In these frequent and high-risk decisions, a series of small, interconnected decisions are made by different groups as part of a collaborative, end-to-end decision process.

Delegated decisions. These frequent and low-risk decisions are effectively handled by an individual or working team, with limited input from others.

Ad hoc decisions. The organization’s infrequent, low-stakes decisions are deliberately ignored in this article, in order to sharpen our focus on the other three areas, where organizational ambiguity is most likely to undermine decision-making effectiveness.
decision_making  McKinsey 
5 weeks ago by tom.reeder
Why Trying New Things Is So Hard to Do - The New York Times

Experimentation is an act of humility, an acknowledgment that there is simply no way of knowing without trying something different.

Understanding that truth is a first step, but it is important to act on it. Sticking with an old habit is comforting, but one of these days, maybe, I’ll actually buy a bottle of generic soda.
experimentation  habits  choices  personal_payoffs  decision_making 
6 weeks ago by jerryking
How to refactor your legacy code: A decision matrix
It depends how important the code is for your business and how often the code changes
refactoring  decision_making  business  management 
7 weeks ago by archangel
Blog | Documenting Architecture Decisions | Relevance
"An architecture decision record is a short text file in a format similar to an Alexandrian pattern. (Though the decisions themselves are not necessarily patterns, they share the characteristic balancing of forces.) Each record describes a set of forces and a single decision in response to those forces. Note that the decision is the central piece here, so specific forces may appear in multiple ADRs."
architecture  decision_making  documentation  dopost 
9 weeks ago by niksilver
Trump Keeps Getting Mad When He Learns What His Policies Do
No occupant of the Oval Office has ever shared the average person’s disinterest in policy, parliamentary procedure, and the rudiments of American civics to the extent that Trump does. He is America’s first “low-information voter” president.
Trump  TrumpAdministration  decision_making  health  budget  Parliament 
12 weeks ago by elizrael
When Should Leaders Own a Decision and When Should They Delegate?
Four questions
(1) who is involved in making the decision,
(2) how much time should be spent,
(3) how much certainty is required, and
(4) what your tolerance is for error.
leadership_skills  decisioning  decision_making 
october 2017 by tom.reeder

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