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Yowza! A Nine-Step Decision Process to Help Guide Supply Chain Planning Selection
"A business decision for supply chain planning should focus on the selection of the technology that can drive better business outcomes. This often in direct opposition with the solution that minimizes the IT budget. For example, there are very few planning pilots where Oracle or SAP beat the competition on capabilities. I often tell clients, “What good is a cheap solution if it does not solve the business problem?” A focus on IT standardization is one of the primary reason for low business user satisfaction in the recent study shown in Figure 5."
demand  driven  digital  supply  chain  global  chains  sales  and  operations  planning  excellence  analytics  decision  support  production 
yesterday by jonerp
the art of decision making as a product manager
management  decision  process 
3 days ago by pdurlej
Should Tech Designers Go With Their Guts — Or the Data? | WIRED
Data is incredibly useful for incremental, tactical improvement, but it must be tempered by another factor: our instincts.
article  data  design  decision 
6 days ago by sparkey
Making decisions faster – Phil Sarin – Medium
Some good tips here: the 40-70% one is important.
decision  speed 
13 days ago by traggett
‘So why didn’t you think this baby was ill?’ Decision-making in acute paediatrics | ADC Education & Practice Edition
Fascinating stuff. Makes you appreciate the manner adopted by physicians at times. There's simply not enough time to treat in a thorough fashion, let alone explain the sometimes largely unconscious heuristic methods used to arrive at a decision that is only optimal in terms of time constraints if all time is not to be spent on one infant. Also points out the difficulties peculiar to treating very young infants and toddlers as compared to treating older children and adults.
pediatric  diagnosis  decision  bayesian 
28 days ago by brentfarwick

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