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What should you look for in a job? Introducing our framework. - 80,000 Hours
How to think in terms of career capital, impact, personal fit. Actionable decision-making spreadsheet.

Aimed at effective altruism.
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december 2018 by dandv
5 Principles for Making Better Life Decisions | Mark Manson
the sweet spot in decision-making is to find the short-term failures that enable the huge long-term successes to happen

Most people look at each decision as a single roll of the dice. They don’t think about the fact that life is a never-ending sequence of dice rolls. And a strategy that loses a lot per roll can actually make you a big winner in the long run.

* Be excessively bold in your dating life, stating exactly who and what you want, knowing that the vast majority of people will not be compatible.
* Buy a bunch of difficult books expecting that most of them won’t be useful or comprehensible to you, but also that, occasionally, one will completely change your life.
* Say yes to every invitation knowing that most of the events/people will be kind of dull and you’ll just go home early, but that occasionally you’ll meet someone really important or interesting.

Most of us are afraid of failing or screwing something up. But we rarely ask, “Would I regret that failure?” If the answer is “no,” then that is absolutely a risk you should pursue.

I personally know a lot of people—myself included—who ultimately made big life decisions largely based on the path of least regret. These decisions are almost always described as the best decisions they’ve ever made. Instead of basing your decisions around success/failure, or happiness/pain, base them around regret avoidance. Our regrets are usually the best measurement of what is actually valuable to us in the long-run.

Writing things down is a simple but powerful way to clarify everything that’s swirling around in your head. I get emails from readers all the time with long screeds about the issues in their lives only to have them say at the end that they don’t need a reply because writing it all out was so cathartic and revealing for them. Rereading what you write reveals your own logic (or lack thereof). And it often reveals new perspectives you hadn’t considered.

Write down:
* short- and long- term pros and cons
* "What is your motivation behind the decision and is that a value you want to cultivate in yourself? For example, are you buying that car because you would genuinely benefit from owning it, or because you’re trying to impress the people around you? Are you trying to start a business because you enjoy the challenges and ups and downs of making your own way, or are you jealous of your friends that have successful businesses and feel like you don’t quite measure up to them? If you identify some ulterior motives when weighing a decision, stop and ask yourself if your intentions align with who *you want to be*".
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november 2018 by dandv

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