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Resistant protocols: How decentralization evolves – John Backus – Medium
Still, the shift from central hosts to link-only websites tells the full story of decentralization. When the law points to a piece of centralized software and demands modifications that users don’t want, technologists split that software into parts and obscures the objectionable features the legal system understands.

The path we followed from centralized mp3 distribution to the modern BitTorrent ecosystem is a case study following one of the biggest mainstream decentralization movement the world has seen. Napster had 80 million users at its peak. In 2007, BitTorrent was ~60% of global internet traffic. From 1997 to 2007, users flocked to the best user experience possible that was just decentralized enough to stay alive.

Each successful phase of decentralization we saw represented the minimum viable decentralization necessary to stay alive.

These lazy workarounds match because decentralization isn’t the product, it is just a means of staying alive.

Without activism, we would have beautifully designed decentralized technologies which are impossible to use in practice.
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14 days ago by elrob
State of the ÐApps
List of decentralised apps built on Ethereum.
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june 2018 by cd

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