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Current Conditions - Adirondack High Peaks
Weather, Backcountry conditions, Notices. Compiled on Thursday January 11, 2018
news  adirondacks  highpeaks  dec  currentconditions  weather  hike  camp  climb  ski  snowshoe  newyork 
7 days ago by adirondacks
DEC RSX-11 Document List
Museum of Information Technology - The University of Queensland, Australia
DEC  RSX-11  PDP-11  operating  system  os  device  driver 
11 days ago by kc5tja
Paulina Miczka Is The World AeroPress Champion 2017
The Winning AeroPress Recipe of 2017 by Paulina Miczka

35 g of coffee for 320 ml of water.
0-15 s pour 150 ml of 84°C water.
15-35 s stir 35 times.
Put a lid on top with a pre-wetted filter.
1:05 min flip the AeroPress and start pressing.
1:35 min stop pressing, you should have 90 ml of the brew.
Add 170 ml of hot water and enjoy!
dec  recipe  2017b  coffee  Aeropress 
25 days ago by eYeToEyeRob
DEC Advises Backcountry Visitors of Winter Conditions Throughout the Adirondacks
Winter Recreational Opportunities Available with Proper Preparation and Precautions
news  adirondacks  weather  snow  dec 
5 weeks ago by adirondacks
It’s not just rangers DEC needs more of
"The DEC desperately needs more foresters, who make management plans for units of the Adirondack Forest Preserve."
buzz  adirondacks  editorial  dec  conservation  newyork  forestpreserve 
8 weeks ago by adirondacks
Two years later, family seeks answers about missing hunter
"The search for Thomas Messick remains in limited continuous status since Jan. 20, 2016."
news  warrencounty  hunt  dec  adirondacks 
9 weeks ago by adirondacks

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