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Ten times the Chernobyl television series lets artistic licence get in the way of facts
Documentary or drama? The HBO/Sky series is gripping watching, but sometimes facts make way for artistic licence.
chernobyl  debunk  article 
12 days ago by shazow
Attention Marketers: Your Campaign Workflow Is NOT A Customer Journey - Kerry Bodine
Impassioned debunk of #marketing's confusion of #customer #journey with marketing process #automation - @kerrybodine points out that customers' intentions are their own, and they don't include buying a product!
customer  experience  journey  map  debunk  marketing  automation  confusion  pointofview  2019  q2 
8 weeks ago by csrollyson
Stories from the trauma bay: Busting Vaccine Myths
My Twitter life has devolved into arguing about pseudoscience, and that has devolved even further into mainly arguing about vaccines. I have officially gotten sick and fucking tired of answering the same stupid points repeatedly, so I have decided to make this handy dandy little (not-so-little) compendium of Answers To Stupid Antivax Talking Points. These are the same tired old arguments I have heard over and over and fucking over again, and that I have refuted over and over and fucking over again. So instead of repeating myself, I can just point people here and thus assure myself that no one will ever read this ever in the future history of ever.
vaccines  antivax  pseudoscience  conspiracy  debunk  myths  rant  medical 
9 weeks ago by fjordaan
Nutrient timing revisited: is there a post-exercise anabolic window?
The classical post-exercise objective to quickly reverse catabolic processes to promote recovery and growth may only be applicable in the absence of a properly constructed pre-exercise meal

it remains questionable as to what, if any, positive effects are realized with respect to muscle growth from spiking insulin after resistance training.

despite the common recommendation to consume protein as soon as possible post-exercise [60,61], evidence-based support for this practice is currently lacking.

Collectively, the available data lack any consistent indication of an ideal post-exercise timing scheme for maximizing MPS.the utility of acute studies is limited to providing clues and generating hypotheses regarding hypertrophic adaptations; any attempt to extrapolate findings from such data to changes in lean body mass is speculative, at best.

debunk  anabolic  window  exercise  nutrition  protein  myth 
11 weeks ago by dandv
What do recording engineers know that most audiophiles don’t? - Quora
Why when you spend thousands on audio equipment, you do hear better
against  audiophile  sound  quality  debunk 
april 2019 by dandv
Make your journey maps measurable with customer journey analytics
[commented] Pitches the importance of basing #customer #journey #maps on real data, not on boardroom-created models
customer  experience  analytics  journey  map  debunk  bullsi  data  transaction  omni  channel  example  telecom  csrblogcomment  call  center  trigger  jtbd  kpi  behavior  csr19 
april 2019 by csrollyson
Raportti: Keskimääräinen syntyvyys on melkein puolittunut 50 vuodessa – Yllättävän moni nainen ei silti voi päättää omasta lisääntymisestään |
Yhä useampi nainen käyttää ehkäisyä, mutta läheskään kaikki naiset eivät saa päättää siitä yksin. YK:n väestörahaston keräämien tietojen mukaan joissakin maissa alle joka kymmenes nainen voi päättää itse omaan seksuaaliterveyteensä liittyvistä asioista.
debunk  mitentässänäinkävi  population_growth  anthropocene  population 
april 2019 by pelttari

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