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Quick Tip: Debug iOS Safari on a True Local Emulator (or your actual iPhone/iPad)
I’m sure plenty of folks know this, but like literally anything else in the world, plenty of folks don’t. This is an incredibly handy feature of developing responsive sites and testing them on as real of devices as you can. Plus, it doesn’t cost anything additional beyond your macOS computer.
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yesterday by spaceninja
How to stop using console.log() and start using your browser’s debugger
One of the most common struggles that most new developers face is debugging. In this post, I will cover using breakpoints, stepping through your code, setting watch expressions, and applying your fixes in Chrome Developer Tools.
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yesterday by spaceninja
Using /proc to get a process' current stack trace | OpsTips
Check out how you can use the proc filesystem to retrieve the kernel stack trace of a given process

The file covered in this article, /proc/<pid>/stack, is the one that motivated me to learn more about /proc and get The Month of Proc.

It’s such a useful thing when you’re unaware of what is the state of a given process. Meanwhile, I’ve noticed that it’s not very well known by people getting started with Linux.
debugging  linux  tools  performance  programming  sysadmin  profdev 
2 days ago by Chirael
GitHub - spring-projects/spring-loaded: Java agent that enables class reloading in a running JVM
Java agent that enables class reloading in a running JVM - spring-projects/spring-loaded
classloader  spring  java  debugging  reload  hotswap  jrebel 
2 days ago by aexel

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