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The Absolute Easiest Way to Debug Node.js — with VSCode
How to debug Node.js projects the easy way, with the help of VSCode.
vscode  debugging  nodejsdebug  debugger 
13 hours ago by ElliotPsyIT
rr: lightweight recording & deterministic debugging
rr aspires to be your primary C/C++ debugging tool for Linux, replacing — well, enhancing — gdb. You record a failure once, then debug the recording, deterministically, as many times as you want. The same execution is replayed every time.
rr also provides efficient reverse execution under gdb. Set breakpoints and data watchpoints and quickly reverse-execute to where they were hit.
c++  debugger 
6 days ago by arsyed
rr: lightweight recording & deterministic debugging
A C++ debugger that record whole process running data.
C++  debugger 
7 days ago by xxr3376
ChrisKnott/Algojammer: An experimental code editor for writing algorithms
looks fun - algojammer - sort of debugger, sort of code visualiser / tutor [@logicMachines ]
codeTutor  OU2.0  IoC  debugger  codeVisualiser 
15 days ago by psychemedia
A bot disguised as a human software developer fixes bugs - MIT Technology Review
The automated programmer, called Repairnator, wrote patches good enough to fool actual human engineers.
automated  software  debugger  bug  fix  ai  bot 
20 days ago by gilberto5757

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