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Capitalism and Freedom - Wikipedia
Milton Friedman in Capitalism and Freedom:

"Despite the importance of enterprises and money in our actual economy, and despite the numerous and complex problems they raise, the central characteristic of the market technique of achieving coordination is fully displayed in the simple exchange economy that contains neither enterprises nor money."

Obwohl in der heutigen Wirtschaft Unternehmen & Geld wichtig sind & viele komplexe Probleme aufwerfen.
spielt das keine Rolle für die "Markt-Technik um Koordination herzustellen"
(d.h. Arbeitsteilung & Gesellschaftliches Zusammenwirken).
Diese "Markt-Technik" hat eine "zentrale Charakteristik":
nämlich "die simple Austausch-Wirtschaft",
die weder Unternehmen noch Geld enthält.

Das ist also die Idee einer verkapselten Wirtschaft:
ihr Kern ("zentral") ist die "simple Austausch-Wirtschaft",
aus der ergibt sich die Logik der Koordination.
Alles andere kommt danach hinzu und macht es komplizierter.
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3 days ago by MicrowebOrg
A Taxonomy of Tech Debt
This post will focus on types of tech debt I’ve seen during my time working at Riot, and a model for discussing it that we’re starting to use internally. If you only take away one lesson from this article, I hope you remember the “contagion” metric discussed below.
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5 days ago by my-flow
A Taxonomy of Tech Debt | Riot Games Engineering
When measuring a piece of tech debt, you can use impact (to customers and to developers), fix cost (time and risk), and contagion. I believe most developers regularly consider impact and fix cost, while I’ve rarely encountered discussions of contagion. Contagion can be a developer’s worst enemy as a problem burrows in and becomes harder and harder to dislodge. It is possible, however, to turn contagion into a weapon by making your fix more contagious than the problem.

Working on League, most of...
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6 days ago by pozorvlak
A Taxonomy of Technical Debt | Hacker News
There was only one time, where we had every Friday, time to improve the codebase. 2 months later it became every 2nd Friday, though.
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7 days ago by dano

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