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BenSartor/unprivileged-lxc-containers: Unprivileged LXC containers on debian stretch
Unprivileged LXC containers on debian stretch. Contribute to BenSartor/unprivileged-lxc-containers development by creating an account on GitHub.
lxc  user-namespaces  docker  stretch  unprivileged  debian  apparmor  security  linux  kernel 
4 days ago by sublimino
How to change hostname on Debian 9 | Linuxize
$ hostnamectl
$ hostnamectl set-hostname [my-new-hostname]
linux  debian  hostname 
5 days ago by exnihilo
ReduceDebian - Debian Wiki
Reducing the size of the Debian Installation Footprint
debian  deployment  linux 
8 days ago by techn0mad
How to Install Latest Nodejs & NPM on Debian 9/8/7 - TecAdmin
2-minute installation guide for nodejs on Debian.How to Install Latest NodeJs & NPM on Debian 9/8/7 operating system. You can install Node.js latest version or LTS version on your requirements.
nodejs  debian  javascript 
8 days ago by po
Debootstrap - Debian Wiki
This is kind of an interesting approach for installation alternatives.
debian  installation  chroot  build  howto  interesting  linux 
11 days ago by po

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