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IBM AI fails to beat human debating champion • Engadget
Saqib Shah:
<p>Champion debater Harish Natarajan triumphed in a live showdown against IBM's Miss Debater AI at the company's Think Conference in San Francisco on Monday. The 2012 European Debate winner and IBM's black monolith exchanged quick retorts on pre-school subsidies for 25 minutes before the crowd hailed Natarajan the victor.

Each side was given 15 minutes to prep for the clash, after which they presented a four-minute opening statement, a four-minute rebuttal, and a two-minute summary. The 700-strong audience, meanwhile, was comprised of top debaters from Bay Area schools and more than a hundred journalists.

Miss Debater (formerly known as Project Debater) pulled arguments from its database of 10 billion sentences taken from newspapers and academic journals. A female voice emanating from the human-sized black box spouted its answers, while three blue balls floated around its display.

The face-off was the latest event in IBM's "grand challenge" series pitting humans against its intelligent machines. In 1996, its computer system beat chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov, though the Russian later accused the IBM team of cheating, something that the company denies to this day - he later retracted some of his allegations. Then, in 2011, its Watson supercomputer trounced two record-winning Jeopardy! contestants.

In the lead-up to Monday's bout, Natarajan suggested that debating may prove a harder battleground for AI than Go and video games. "Debating is...more complicated for a machine than any of those…" he wrote in a LinkedIn post.</p>

Well I'd hope that debating was tougher than just stringing sentences together. Though I doubt Natarajan has any real idea of how hard Go or Dota 2 are for a machine or a human at the very top level.
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7 days ago by charlesarthur
If you could re-architect your app from the ground up, what changes would you make to avoid current pitfalls and promote maintainability? : androiddev
r/androiddev: News for Android developers with the who, what, where when and how of the Android community. Probably mostly the how.

Here, you'll find:

- News for Android developers
- Thoughtful, informative articles
- Insightful talks and presentations
- Useful libraries
- Handy tools
- Open source applications for studying
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