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Evolution Counseling -- Putting Off Making An Important Decision
'If you’ve been putting off making an important decision the culprit is death anxiety. While death anxiety has its root in the threat of the obliteration of our biological organisms we humans experience death anxiety in its symbolic forms too, where it’s not anything technically ‘alive’ on the chopping block but the same existential dread comes flooding in nonetheless. The possible demise of a relationship, a job, a group, an idea – all of these prospects produce death anxiety because they all threaten to make that which exists no longer exist, to make something turn into nothing. -- ... The irony to fully grasp here is that putting off making an important decision is meant to reduce death anxiety yet it’s precisely making an important decision and moving forward with a plan that obliterates death anxiety since anxiety occurs before the fact, not after it. What most people find is that once they’ve made a decision and start moving forward with it all that doubt, all that hesitation, all that anxiety disappears. They might later yearn for what could have been but they no longer experience any death anxiety since those other possible courses of action no longer exist as potentialities and it’s only that which exists and is threatened by the prospect of non-existence that can produce death anxiety.'
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yesterday by adamcrowe
Donner Party - Wikipedia
The Donner Party (sometimes called the Donner-Reed Party) was a group of American pioneers led by George Donner and James F. Reed who set out for California in a wagon train in May 1846. They were delayed by a series of mishaps and mistakes, and spent the winter of 1846–47 snowbound in the Sierra Nevada. Some of the pioneers resorted to cannibalism to survive.
history  early-modern  usa  frontier  death  horror  survival  stories  the-west  california  wiki 
2 days ago by nhaliday
DARE - What if your life ended this minute? This video is a must...
Imagine your life has suddenly ended painlessly. No time to say goodbyes.
Pause: take a moment to settle the idea in. Life will go on without you.

Pause on Q1: What did you LOVE about your life?


Pause on Q2: What regrets do you have?


Pause on Q3: If you could come back to life, what would you do with the time you've been given?

Guess what, you CAN come back to life.
video  motivation  emotion  life  cool  regrets  death  ParadigmShift 
3 days ago by dandv
Live and death: Facebook sorely needs a reality check about video • The Guardian
Olivia Solon:
<p>Despite a wide-reaching advertising campaign urging people to use the feature to share heartwarming life moments, [Facebook Live has] gained a reputation for much grittier subject matter: the torture of a young man with disabilities in Chicago, the musings of a spree killer being chased by police, child abuse, rape, and now murder [in two separate occasions in the past week].

When these atrocities happen, Facebook’s response is woefully inadequate, typically stating that such “content” is not allowed by Facebook’s terms of service (as if that should give pause to a suicidal murderer) or pointing out that nobody reported the video to its moderation teams.

Jacqueline Helfgott, professor and chair of the Criminal Justice Department at Seattle University, thinks it is only going to get worse. Criminals have always sought to amplify their actions through the media, but social media makes it easier than ever before to attract an audience.

“A medium like Facebook where a person can instantly achieve celebrity or notoriety can be a risk factor for certain types of criminal behavior,” she said, explaining how violent images travel rapidly across the network without any need for translation, encouraging copycat behavior among people with the proclivity to commit crime.

Facebook has pledged to review its moderation practices and use artificial intelligence to speed up its response to such videos, but there was no formal acknowledgement at F8.

“It was a moment when many social critics, academics, journalists and policymakers were keen for Mark Zuckerberg to address the murder and the social implications of the platform in a substantive, meaningful non-glib way,” said Roberts. “But that did not happen.”

That didn’t stop the company from moving into new social and political minefields, including augmented and virtual reality.</p>

Never quite stopping long enough to focus on one thing or another.
facebook  video  death 
3 days ago by charlesarthur
Father files multimillion dollar suit, son killed at PCA plant explosion
HOUSTON - The father of one of the three workers killed two months ago in the Packaging facility explosion at the Corporation of America plant in DeRidder Louisiana has now filed suit in Houston.

A multi-million dollar lawsuit was filed in the State District Courts of Harris County by Joe Gooch, who lost his son Jody Gooch in the tragic explosion that happened in February.

Gooch’s attorney, Brett Coon of Houston elaborates on the incident and expresses concern for the possible closing of the Chemical Safety Board (CSB), which is charged with investigating fatal chemical explosions across America, that could significantly charge industrial facility operations and increase safety and health risk factors.
us_LA  industrial  follow-up  death 
4 days ago by dchas
デス博士の島その他の物語 (未来の文学)
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