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Pennsylvania Army depot explosion leaves 1 dead, 2 remain hospitalized
One person has died following an explosion at a Pennsylvania army depot housing missiles and ammunition, officials said Friday.

Two Letterkenny Army Depot employees remain hospitalized in critical but stable condition, the facility said in a statement. At least five employees were affected by the explosion overall.
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Truths - Siddha Performance
Then what should you do with your life:

See. Create. Then see. Then create. The seeing is for Understanding. The creating is for immersion.
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Deadly blast in China highlights uneven enforcement of safety regulations
huge blast followed by a blaze on July 12 at a chemical plant in southwest China killed 19 people and injured 12 more. The accident suggests that in spite of stricter enforcement of safety regulations since 2015, when an explosion at a chemical warehouse in Tianjin killed 173 people, some Chinese firms continue to operate under lax, or even nonexistent, government supervision.
The accident, China’s worst involving chemicals since Tianjin, occurred at Hengda Technology, located in the Sichuan province city of Yibin. Little is known about the company, which doesn’t seem to have a website. Statements released by local and national authorities indicate that the company produced or handled unspecified hazardous chemicals.
Preliminary findings by China’s Ministry of Emergency Management show that Hengda was in breach of the most basic regulations. The ministry says the firm, although in an industrial park, did not have the proper licenses to operate. What the company did, how it did it, and who was employed there were unknown to authorities, the ministry found. Local authorities had failed to supervise the plant, the ministry added.
Following the 2015 blast in Tianjin, where investigators had discovered numerous safety violations and evidence of high-level corruption, China’s central government launched a three-year plan to tighten safety at industrial sites. Since then, thousands of chemical plants have been ordered to relocate to industrial parks away from residential areas.
Companies ordering or handling chemicals also have had to cope with new restrictions on shipping and warehousing, but Hengda appears to have escaped notice.
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Company's illegal practices behind fatal chemical plant blast
CHENGDU, July 17 (Xinhua) -- The Ministry of Emergency Management on Tuesday said that a company responsible for a fatal blast in southwest China's Sichuan Province had been involved in illegal production.
The blast killed 19 and injured 12 on July 12 at the Hengda chemical plant in an industrial park in Yibin City. Hengda, registered in June 2015, mainly produces chemical products.
Officials with the ministry said the blast was a production safety accident caused by serious violation of laws and regulations.
A preliminary investigation showed that the company lacked the conditions or ability to ensure safety in production, and production facilities were not installed with adequate safety equipment.
The investigation also showed that the local government lacked safety awareness and relevant departments failed to conduct adequate supervision.
The provincial government organized an investigation after the blast, and a number of suspects have been detained.
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DRDO: A liability for India
It is no secret that India aspires to be a regional power. However, ambition must be backed by responsibility.A spate of accidents in the sensitive Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO), have left Indians wondering whether its scientists can be trusted with weapons of mass destruction (WMDs).

According to Indian media, on June 19 2018, a blast took place while workers were handling explosive material at DRDO laboratory in Pune’s Hinjawadi area. Resultantly, one worker was killed and another injured. The incident occurred at the High Energy Material Research Laboratory (HEMRL), a premier unit of the DRDO. The workers were cutting and dividing explosive material into samples when it exploded.

HEMRL is dedicated to research and development on high energy materials like propellants and high-power explosives as well as pyrotechnics. The laboratory has played a key role in development of Indian missile systems, including Prithvi, Agni, Akash and Nag. The lab is also used to test missile prototypes to check their propellants. The laboratory is spread over 800 acres of the land in Pashan and Sutarwadi area.
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When Burial Begins
We are all so accustomed to the idea of burying the dead, that it takes a moment to realise just how peculiar this behaviour really is. Most animals blithely ignore the dead bodies of other members of their pack or herd. What makes us so different? How and when did burial begin?
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تركيا تبدأ بتوزيع مبالغ مالية لعائلات قتلى "غصن الزيتون" - عنب بلدي
وكان الرئيس التركي، رجب طيب أردوغان، قال في خطاب له خلال اجتماع لـ “حزب العدالة والتنمية” في آذار الماضي، إن 302 عنصرًا من فصائل “الجيش الحر” قتلوا في منطقة عفرين، خلال المعارك التي استمرت على مدار شهرين.
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A Glimpse Of Death Opens A Man's Eyes - Siddha Performance
But occasionally something shakes him. A sudden death. A calamity of some sort brings things into sudden perspective. He is shaken from his complacency and he is forced to confront the moment. But eventually, the drama of the event fades, and so does he, back into his well-worn existence.
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YouTube -- The School of Life: 'I Am Going to Die!'
'It sounds very improbable of course: Me? Die? How could something so unexpected happen to someone like me! And yet – naturally – we're all in the process of dying, some of us faster than others. We would be wise to face up to the prospect as early and as regularly as we can.'
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