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The Rise of Rural 'Maternity Deserts' - Our Bodies Ourselves
The United States is the most expensive country in the entire world in which to give birth. Nearly fifty percent of all births in the U.S. are paid for through Medicaid, the state and federal insurance program for people who are poor. Obamacare aimed to support rural hospitals, in part by expanding Medicaid. Although Medicaid reimburses hospitals for childbirth care at a lower cost than private insurance companies do, hospitals still receive a reimbursement. However, 19 states chose not to expand Medicaid under Obamacare, leaving hospitals in these states with rising numbers of families who cannot pay their hospital bills for maternity care (in 2013, a vaginal delivery cost on average $10,000; $15,000 on average for a cesarean section).

The two states with the highest number of hospital closures since 2010 are two of those that did not expand Medicaid: Texas and Tennessee (the state in which Whitney lived and died). Texas also has the distressing distinction of being the state with the highest rate of maternal deaths in the country–and in the developed world. (Tennessee ranks as 32nd in the country for maternal deaths.)  
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「死にたい」と検索したら「死んではいけません!」と言われるのが嫌だった – メンヘラ.jp

「死ぬ方法」ならわかる、検索だ。「死にたい気持ち うつ病」も検索だ。検索とは何らかの知識を得ようとする行為であり、よって当然すべての検索には(曖昧な場合もありうるが)目的というものが存在する。



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RT : Just love this, got to tweet it again from Neri Oxman
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Scotland-only folic acid plan ruled out - BBC News
An estimated 85% of women do not take enough folic acid in their diet.
The NHS currently recommends that women trying to conceive a child should consume 400 micrograms of folic acid, also known as vitamin B9, a day.
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I’m 35 and I may suddenly have lost the rest of my life. I’m panicking, just a bit.
Stop just assuming you have a full lifetime to do whatever it is you dream of doing.
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Game Of Thrones 4×02 The Purple Wedding – Joffrey Death Scene – Joffrey’s Death | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Match Of Thrones 4×02 The Purple Marriage ceremony – Joffrey Dying Scene – Joffrey’s Dying ► Subscribe for much more! ► This movie is for non-gain and protected by regulation less than fair use. Open up description for much more Obtained scenes: 6×09 Ramsay Dying Scene: 6×09 Dragon Scenes: 5×10 Jon Snow […]
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CRADLE OF FILTH – Right Wing Of The Garden Triptych (OFFICIAL VIDEO) | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
CRADLE OF FILTH – Suitable Wing Of The Back garden Triptych (Formal Video clip) Formal music video for CRADLE OF FILTH “Suitable Wing Of The Back garden Triptych.” In-Suppliers: / On line: SUBSCRIBE to CRADLE OF FILTH: SUBSCRIBE to NUCLEAR BLAST: See the uncensored model on VEVO ( and Vimeo ( […]
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