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The Watchman's Lot - mad_martha - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
A Watch Captain's lot is not a happy one. (Or - Dean has a rough few weeks.)

An excellent installment in this AU series where Dean is a Watch captain in Valdemar (and there are supporting players from Avengers and some other places). You kind of have to read the whole series, but it's excellent
fusion  valdemar  supernatural  dean/castiel  sam/jess 
8 days ago by norwich36
Not Part of the Plan - Annie D (scaramouche) - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Castiel's spent most of his adult life keeping his head down and staying out of trouble. This is a deliberate choice on his part, because as a cousin of the King, he'd rather stay unimportant and forgotten. This changes abruptly when King Michael decides that he has a better use for Castiel: he is to be wed to a noble member of the neighboring Republic, as part of an agreement between their two nations.
!au  !au-royalty  !marriage  supernatural  dean/castiel 
5 weeks ago by kei_rin

Ten conversations Castiel and Dean had while under a curse, and one they had after the curse was broken. A fusion with Disney's Beauty and the Beast.
via:concinnity  length:12-15k  dean/castiel  location:ao3  fandom:supernatural  au  creator:scaramouche  au:fairy.tales 
7 weeks ago by templemarker
Encore by bendingsignpost [Archive of Our Own]
While the show goes on, Dean works behind the scenes.

That doesn't mean he can't stop to watch.
1904  a.bendingsignpost  dean/castiel  spn  au  2k+ 
8 weeks ago by pastself
What Has Eight Tentacles and Isn’t Allowed to Eat Pie?

Dean watched an anime porn about this once, but real life turns out to be way less interesting.

Or, the one where Dean gets turned into an octopus.
creator:scaramouche  humor  dean/castiel  tentacles  location:ao3  length:15-20k  fandom:supernatural  friendship  hurt/comfort  firsttime 
8 weeks ago by concinnity

Ten conversations Castiel and Dean had while under a curse, and one they had after the curse was broken. A fusion with Disney's Beauty and the Beast.
length:12-15k  dean/castiel  location:ao3  fandom:supernatural  au  creator:scaramouche  au:fairy.tales 
8 weeks ago by concinnity
Closer to Bound, Closer to Free by bendingsignpost [Archive of Our Own]
Once, just the once, at fancy political shindig, Dean meets someone amazing. Suit just large enough to make the sub look smaller in it, the neck of the shirt unbuttoned wider in the old fashioned style, his tie provocatively loose. Discipline all the way up and down his body, too, standing at attention, staring at attention until Dean had to consciously keep himself from tightening that tie nice and snug, from holding the other man on a short leash.

Dean licks his lips, thinking about it, eyeing the tie, and the sub dares him with pink cheeks and a raised chin, baring his entire front.

It’s tempting as hell, clearly mutual, but Dean doesn’t risk it. Can’t risk the complications.

If they’re gonna get Sam all the way to the Senate in D.C., Sam’s team will have to be as squeaky clean as Sam himself.
5k+  a.bendingsignpost  dean/castiel  1904  au  d/s  spn 
8 weeks ago by pastself
Know It When I See Him by bendingsignpost [Archive of Our Own]
As a teenager, Dean had some pretty cringe-worthy fantasies. As an adult, he's grown out of those.

For the most part.
4k+  a.bendingsignpost  dean/castiel  spn  1904  au 
10 weeks ago by pastself
Reunited by Ltleflrt [Archive of Our Own]
Castiel has changed a lot in the 10 years since he was a shy bookworm in High School. But it seems like few of his previous schoolmates have grown up much, if the revival of the rumor mill as soon as he walked in is any indication.

Dean Winchester certainly grew up, though. And he seems far more interested in Castiel than the rumors.
2k+  a.ltleflrt  dean/castiel  spn  au  1904 
10 weeks ago by pastself
Day Thirty-One: Writer's Choice - TobytheWise - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
“Shit, shit, shit,” Stiles murmurs as he opens his jeans the moment they’re inside with the door closed. He strokes himself roughly until his cock explodes. He watches as rope after rope of cum flies onto the floor between his feet.

Stiles sighs as he releases his cock only to stares down at his member in shock. “Cas? Why didn’t that help? Why is it still hard and angry with me?”

“It’s going to take more than that for the spell to be over.”

Stiles finally peels his eyes away from his hard, red cock to look up at the angel. “Why aren’t you freaking out? You got hit with it just like me.”

“I’m an angel. It’s not as potent with me.”

“But you’re still feeling the effects?”

Castiel nods his head as he slowly takes his trenchcoat off. The way it falls from his shoulders has Stiles’ belly fill with molten lust. This is going to be a long night.
supernatural  TeenWolf  dean/castiel  Derek/Stiles  established  TobytheWise  crossover  magic  Castiel/Stiles  Dean/Castiel/Derek/Stiles  first.time  pwp 
10 weeks ago by southerly
Netflix and Feathers - GlitterSkullFairy - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Dean needs a pillow while they watch a movie together. Cas has a better idea.
It all leads to some feather fondling and a very happy ending all around.
supernatural  dean/castiel  first.time  GlitterSkullFairy  wings 
10 weeks ago by southerly

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