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Monitoring SYNPROXY · firehol/netdata Wiki
SYNPROXY is a TCP SYN packets proxy. It can be used to protect any TCP server (like a web server) from SYN floods and similar DDos attacks.

SYNPROXY is a netfilter module, in the Linux kernel (since version 3.12). It is optimized to handle millions of packets per second utilizing all CPUs available without any concurrency locking between the connections.

The net effect of this, is that the real servers will not notice any change during the attack. The valid TCP connections will pass through and served, while the attack will be stopped at the firewall.
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5 days ago by some_hren
Digital Attack Map
Digital Attack Map - DDoS attacks around the globe
cybersecurity  ddos  security  cyberattacks 
5 days ago by harrylove
How Creative DDOS Attacks Still Slip Past Defenses
We're living in the "terabit [DDoS] attack era," says network security firm Arbor Networks, and yet here we are; why can some denial-of-service attacks get around defenses designed to deter or defeat them, and how come these attacks are getting bigger? Lily Hay Newman for Wired:

"The type of DDoS attack hackers have been using recently to mount enormous attacks is somewhat similar. Known as memcached DDoS, these attacks take advantage of unprotected network management servers that aren't meant to be exposed on the internet. And they capitalize on the fact that they can send a tiny customized packet to a memcached server, and elicit a much larger response in return. So a hacker can query thousands of vulnerable memcached servers multiple times per second each, and direct the much larger responses toward a target...The DDoS defense and internet infrastructure industries have made significant progress on DDoS mitigation, partly through increased collaboration and information-sharing. But with so much going on, the crucial point is that DDoS defense is still an active challenge for defenders every day."
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9 days ago by dmcdev
Memfixed Mitigation
DDoS mitigation tool for sending flush or shutdown commands to vulnerable Memcached servers obtained using Shodan API.
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12 days ago by aiefel

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