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More FCC malfeasance
Lies about DDOS are now being walked back. IT chief David Bray is made out to be the villain in this telling
fcc  ddos  lies  government  politics  corruption 
14 days ago by nelson
Federal agency directly lied to journalists
fcc  ddos  corruption  politics  netneutrality  ajitpai  davidbray  markwigfield 
16 days ago by nelson
All you need to know about SYN floods
Deep dive into the Linux kernel on how SYN cookies work, and which turntables to turn in case of SYN floods issues.

"Also fixing the SYN flooding problem requires you to modify net.ipv4.tcp_max_syn_backlog, net.core.somaxconn and the backlog size passed to the listen() syscall."
networking  linux  ddos 
28 days ago by orange
SYN Flood Mitigation with synsanity
A small and nice overview of what SYN floods and SYN cookies are.
Github also present their solution to the problem - synsanity, which basically emulates the behavior of the kernel in the netfilter stack instead of the TCP stack, improving the performance of generating SYN cookies by avoiding some locks.
networking  ddos 
28 days ago by orange
How to mitigate DDoS using Rack::Attack | BigBinary Blog
Recently, we faced a DDoS attack in one of the clients’ projects. There were many requests from different IPs to root and login paths, and we were running thrice the usual number of servers to keep the system alive. We had to throttle requests based on different parameters and the gem Rack::Attack helped us with that.
rack  howto  ddos  web  security  programming 
5 weeks ago by schmlblk
February 28th DDoS Incident Report | GitHub Engineering
Cloudflare described an amplification vector using memcached over UDP in their blog post this week, “Memcrashed - Major amplification attacks from UDP port 11211”. The attack works by abusing memcached instances that are inadvertently accessible on the public internet with UDP support enabled.
ddos  github  memcache  cybersecurity 
6 weeks ago by bwiese
Study: Attack on KrebsOnSecurity Cost IoT Device Owners $323K — Krebs on Security
These 24,000 Mirai devices clobbered my site for several days with data blasts of up to 620 Gbps. The attack was so bad that my pro-bono DDoS protection provider at the time — Akamai — had to let me go because the data firehose pointed at my site was starting to cause real pain for their paying customers. Akamai later estimated that the cost of maintaining protection against my site in the face of that onslaught would have run into the millions of dollars.
mirai  iot  ddos  cybersecurity  krebsonsecurity 
6 weeks ago by bwiese

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