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News From Deflect Labs: DDoS attacks against Vietnamese Civil Society - @eQualitie
New research published through eQualitie's Deflect Labs, which provides website security services to civil society organizations, identifies "10 different DDoS attacks targeting two Vietnamese websites protected by Deflect, viettan.org and baotiengdan.com, between the 17th of April and 15th of June 2018." eQualitie found that the IP addresses used in the DDoS attacks during this period were common to those used in a June 2018 DDoS attack on websites that were "critical against the Vietnam cybersecurity law," as analyzed by Qurium (https://www.qurium.org/alerts/vietnam/ddos-against-luatkhoa-org-and-thevietnamese-org/) in July 2018. eQualitie notes that the DDoS attacks "happened in the context of an important lack of Internet Freedom in Vietnam with regular online attacks against activists and independent media." eQualitie breaks down the attacks, sorting them into "four different groups sharing the same Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs)," finding that viettan.org and baotiengdan.com have "have common enemies even if they have different political perspectives." The full report further analyzes the source of the attacks as identified by IP address, origin countries, and the frequency of attacks by each group.
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13 days ago by dmcdev
How to Stop a DDoS Attack in Its Tracks (Case Study)
Check out these tips on how to stop a DDoS attack on your site. We took a site which was hit with 5,110,00 requests in 7 days and brought it back to normal.
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6 weeks ago by incredimike

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