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nickbabcock/dness: A dynamic dns client
A dynamic dns client. Contribute to nickbabcock/dness development by creating an account on GitHub.
ddns  dynamicdns  networking  sysadmin 
6 weeks ago by ivar
kissgyorgy/cloudflare-dyndns: CloudFlare Dynamic DNS client
CloudFlare Dynamic DNS client. Contribute to kissgyorgy/cloudflare-dyndns development by creating an account on GitHub.
cloudflare  dns  dyndns  ddns 
6 weeks ago by ivar
Manage dynamic IPs in Cloudflare DNS programmatically – Cloudflare Support
This article describes the methods available for programmatically updating dynamic DNS at Cloudflare without relying upon manual changes...
dns  dynamic  Cloudflare  ddns 
6 weeks ago by ivar
OpenWrt Project: DDNS Client
Dual-Stack IPv4-only IPv6-only Server Location
http://checkip.dns.he.net/ — — US
http://checkip.freedyn.org/ — — DE
http://bot.whatismyipaddress.com/ — — US
http://whatismyip.org/ — — US
http://myexternalip.com/raw — — DE
http://wtfismyip.com/text — — US
http://domains.google.com/checkip — — part of Google
http://icanhazip.com/ http://ipv4.icanhazip.com/ http://ipv6.icanhazip.com/ US
http://checkip.feste-ip.net/ http://v4.checkip.feste-ip.net/ http://v6.checkip.feste-ip.net/ DE
http://ident.me/ http://ipv4.ident.me/ http://ipv6.ident.me/ UK
http://ddnss.de/meineip.php http://ip4.ddnss.de/meineip.php http://ip6.ddnss.de/meineip.php DE
http://checkip.spdyn.de/ http://checkip4.spdyn.de/ http://checkip6.spdyn.de/ DE
http://ifcfg.me/ip http://4.ifcfg.me/ip http://6.ifcfg.me/ip FR
http://nsupdate.info/myip http://ipv4.nsupdate.info/myip http://ipv6.nsupdate.info/myip DE
http://checkip.zerigo.com http://checkip4.zerigo.com/ http://checkip6.zerigo.com/ US
http://checkip.dyndns.com/ 1) http://checkipv6.dyndns.com/ 1) US + UK
http://checkip.dyndns.com:8245/ http://checkipv6.dyndns.com:8245/ US + UK
http://checkip.dyn.com/ 1) 2) http://checkipv6.dyn.com/ 1) 2) US + UK
http://ipv4.myip.dk/api/info/IPv4Address http://ipv6.myip.dk/api/info/IPv6Address US
http://ipv4.ipogre.com/linux.php http://ipv6.ipogre.com/linux.php US
http://v4.ipv6-test.com/api/myip.php http://v6.ipv6-test.com/api/myip.php FR
http://ipecho.net/plain — NL
http://ipinfo.io/ip — part of Amazon AWS
http://ifconfig.me/ip — JP
http://checkip.amazonaws.com — part of Amazon AWS
http://myip.dtdns.com — US
http://ip.changeip.com — US
http://freedns.afraid.org/dynamic/check.php — ?
http://freedns.afraid.org:8080/dynamic/check.php — ?
ddns  ip 
10 weeks ago by sairam
Digital Attack Map
Digital Attack Map - DDoS attacks around the globe
information  maps  security  visualization  Security_Tools  ddns  digitalattack  attack 
july 2019 by chenyang
Duck DNS
Duck DNS free dynamic DNS hosted on Amazon VPC
june 2019 by zerotymer

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