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Developing a customer-experience vision | McKinsey
What is a company’s appetite for change in the near term? Is the goal to change the customer experience fundamentally or simply to improve it at the margins?

What is the gap between the needs and wants of customers and what they actually experience?

How can the company gain a customer-experience advantage against competitors?

At which point in the experience should the company concentrate to have a real impact?

How do the overall capabilities of the staff support the customer experience the company wants to provide?
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Congrats to the Top 20 Global Thought Leaders on - August 2018
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Designers in Enterprise: From Unknown to Unexpendable - YouTube
'Designers in Enterprise: From Unknown to Unexpendable': "I have some designs. Can I have some code now." ~
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RT : Check out this video of our custom winder laying down for
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88% of Biz Are Undergoing 'Digital Transformation,' Study Says
A new report, The State of Digital Transformation, released today by Brian Solis of Altimeter Group, discusses the phenomenon of “digital transformation” and what it means to the online business and marketing industry now and beyond. Among its findings, the report stated that 88% of individuals participating in the survey claimed that their organization was undergoing a digital transformation.
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People Power: P&G Engages Palm Oil Protests and Collective Action
It’s also a story at the very heart of digital transformation, defined by Brian Solis at the Altimeter Group as “the re-alignment of, or new investment in, technology and business models to more effectively engage digital consumers at every touchpoint in the customer experience lifecycle.”
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Digital Transformation: Our Place in the Ecosystem
“The future of business begins with…you!” That says Altimeter Group principal analyst Brian Solis, sharing a peek from his new report, “Digital Transformation: Why and How Companies are Investing in New Business Models to Lead Digital Customer Experiences,” from the stage of Brand Innovators Austin.
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The 7 key take-aways from Brian Solis' report on digital transformation | Marketing magazine
Altimeter Group, the research and advisory firm of which well-known digital analyst, keynote speaker, and bestselling author Brian Solis is principal, has released a new report on digital transformation.
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Excellent report by @altimetergroup’s @charleneli @briansolis @jaimy_marie on digital transformation in business | One Size Fits One
I’ve just read a really useful report on why and how some of the best companies in the world are transforming themselves digitally. Authored by the Altimeter Group, it’s a fascinating look at how redesigning around the digital customer experience is giving a number of brands a competitive advantage, based on interviews with many top executives. A customer experience oriented in digital is important because of the shift in consumer behaviour, more than merely the prevalence of devices.
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