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Britain fell for a neoliberal con trick – even the IMF says so | Aditya Chakrabortty | Opinion | The Guardian
Let us get it straight. Neoliberalism has ripped you off and robbed you blind. The evidence of that is mounting up – in your bills, in your services and in the finances of your country.
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John Major: I have made no false promises on Brexit – I’m free to tell you the truth | Opinion | The Guardian
I understand the motives of those who voted to leave the European Union: it can – as I well know – be very frustrating. Nonetheless, after weighing its frustrations and opportunities, there is no doubt in my own mind that our decision is a colossal misjudgment that will diminish both the UK and the EU. It will damage our national and personal wealth, and may seriously hamper our future security. It may even, over time, break up our United Kingdom. It will most definitely limit the prospects of our young.

And – once this becomes clear – I believe those who promised what will never be delivered will have much to answer for. They persuaded a deceived population to vote to be weaker and poorer. That will never be forgotten – nor forgiven.
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I am going make today's Tory panic attack really simple, as I'm sick of minute by minute commentary on May's horsesh*t: they don't have a deal. 1/
7/~ The EU clearly wants a long transitional deal, is bending over backwards to facilitate one, including telling the DUP porkies about how there will be "no border" in the Irish Sea... but May cannot deliver her party. That's where we stand at 22.15 14/10...ENDS
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Universal Basic Income Is Silicon Valley’s Latest Scam
The real purpose of digital capitalism is to extract value from the economy and deliver it to those at the top. If consumers find a way to retain some of that value for themselves, the thinking goes, you’re doing something wrong or “leaving money on the table.”
SiliconValley  Uber  monopolies  UniversalBasicIncome  consumerism  ownership  cooperatives  capitalism  assets  inequality  redistribution  dctagged  dc:creator=RushkoffDouglas 
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Corbyn’s right. It’s not as simple as having ‘pride’ or ‘shame’ in our history | David Wearing | Opinion | The Guardian
Various figures on the centre-left have, from time to time, urged progressives to reclaim patriotism, as though the problem were not the fact of national self-satisfaction but merely the tone of it. What we really need is to re-imagine our national community as somewhere more open, more welcoming, a little more respectful of others, and a little less pleased with itself. If we can finally have a grownup, frank and above all inclusive conversation about our country’s history – and in so doing finally shed the imperial hangover – a healthier relationship with others and with ourselves will surely follow.
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