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Make junk food expensive, and children will go hungry | Phil McDuff | Opinion | The Guardian
We shy away from policies that would address these broader structural issues because we have become more terrified of the negative outcomes of government interference in markets than of the negative outcomes of government inaction. We run scared from policies that would increase wages and leisure time, because “the economy” might suffer – as if it were an angry volcano god to be placated with human sacrifice. We have “reformed” the welfare state into tatters because we think it’s more important that absolutely nobody gets a penny more than they “deserve” than it is to ensure that everyone has the capacity to eat and live well. And while the Tories are all over the idea that reducing tax will leave people with more money in their pocket, they often seem blind to the fact that for people with low incomes their rent and bills eat up a much bigger proportion of their wages than tax.

What’s left for policymakers? Mucking about on the edges, pilot schemes and programmes to nudge or price people into healthier choices. None are going to work unless we alter the structure of society and make these choices accessible. It’s time to stop trying to fix the symptoms of an unhealthy society – and start treating the causes.
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Why Marx is more relevant than ever in the age of automation
“That inner desire you are suppressing, for Marxism to be humanistic? That impulse towards individual liberation? It’s already there in Marx, just waiting to be discovered. So paint what you want, love whom you want. Fuck the vanguard party. The revolutionary subject is the self.”
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