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I wish Labour’s soft Brexit punt had worked, and unified Leavers and Remainers so the left could focus on fixing our broken economy. But it hasn’t. Brexit is polarised between No Deal/Remain, and now the compromise position is a second referendum. Cor
I wish Labour’s soft Brexit punt had worked, and unified Leavers and Remainers so the left could focus on fixing our broken economy. But it hasn’t. Brexit is polarised between No Deal/Remain, and now the compromise position is a second referendum. Corbyn should campaign for one.
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Best of luck and all love to those on the #PeoplesVoteMarch today! While I’ve still got huge reservations about a second ref in itself (as well as the apparatchiks running the campaign), it’s the failures of the Tory Party in government driving polari
What's Labour's strategy? In my view, it's letting the Tories implode while keeping together their fractious 2017 electoral coalition. Which means blocking No Deal, expressing a preference for Brexit to happen, and simultaneously keeping avenues open that could lead to No Brexit.

Which means that Labour's Brexit position is in a constant state of flux. It's like Schrodinger's cat - Labour are hoping that they can leave the box unopened for as long as possible, while occasional yowling and scratching noises assure people there is definitely a cat in there.

It's frustrating, it's boring and shifty, but guess what? It's been effective so far.

Now, if May's deal finally gets the coup de grace this week, Labour must move towards a Brexit position which still delivers it's 3 strategic objectives as outlined before.

In my opinion, that means firstly pursue whichever Parliamentary option makes a General Election most likely. Secondly, put renegotiate a softer Brexit on the manifesto. And thirdly, put the renegotiated deal to a referendum with Remain on the ballot (ideally, without No Deal).
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If the remain campaign makes the same mistakes again, it will lose again | Ash Sarkar | Opinion | The Guardian
The reason Brexiteers have been so effective is that they have made the fight about broad political values. The message was sovereignty, borders, national identity; bolstered by the occasional figure (£350m) or policy area (fishing). Brexit didn’t win on a manifesto, it won on emotionally resonant memes. “Take back control” was able to tell a complex story in just three words – that voters had the opportunity to reverse national decline by participating in an insurgent political moment.

You can’t debunk memes with facts. It’s like bringing tap-shoes to a gunfight. So no wonder Project Fear failed in 2016. And if it is attempted again in a second referendum, it will fail again. The facts on the ground haven’t changed: telling people “it’s the economy, stupid” just sounds like you’re calling them idiots for not feeling politically invested in the finances of the rich. Arguments about collapsed economic growth aren’t going to work for people who haven’t felt the benefits of it for decades.
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