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The Tories have forgotten their pro-EU voters. And they’ll pay for it | John Harris | Opinion | The Guardian
There is a rising Tory fantasy about the party’s immediate post-May future, which seems to be based around victory in a general election, a new leader going back to Brussels full of swagger – and, if need be, Britain stoically going it alone. If that happens, the revolutionary, Brexit-or-nothing school of modern Conservatism will reach peak arrogance, thinking the ghost of the blessed Margaret Thatcher is cheering everything on, and that its moment of destiny has arrived. The truth is the exact opposite: whatever its delusions, hyper-Toryism – and, by extension, the Conservative party itself – is sliding into a elemental crisis from which it may never recover.
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A nation ‘bored of Brexit’ risks sleepwalking into disaster | John Harris | Opinion | The Guardian
In the event of another referendum, should the remain side belatedly improve upon the hopeless campaign that led to disaster in 2016, people might finally hear about things that should have always defined the national conversation surrounding this country and its place in the world: the inarguable benefits of an open economy; the complex and often fragile trading arrangements that keep the economy in business and people in work; the fact that our history is not one of isolation from Europe but of being at its heart.
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Brexit is a class betrayal. So why is Labour colluding in it? | John Harris | Opinion | The Guardian
These things are part of a vast charge sheet not only against the modern Conservative party, but an alliance of old and new money that has set the basic terms of British politics for the past 40 years. Jacob Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson were educated at the same exclusive school as the prime minister whose idiotic decision to hold a referendum gave them their opportunity. Nigel Farage and Arron Banks are archetypal examples of the kind of spivs who were given licence to do as they pleased in the 80s. For all their absurd bleating about “elites”, we all know what these people represent: the two faces of the modern English ruling class, who have long combined to be nothing but trouble.
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Spice: a lethal epidemic fuelled by austerity | John Harris | Opinion | The Guardian
As well as the lunacy of our continuing prohibition of cannabis (whose liberalisation would kill some of the demand for dangerous alternatives), Spice shines a light on deep social attitudes to poverty and personal breakdown, and the way that at a certain point on the modern social continuum, empathy and care seem to shrink to nothing. In most places, spice users are shorthanded as “zombies” – a term used on that Mirror front page, that chimes with popular stereotypes of drug users down the ages(witness the famous American book published in the 1920s, Dope: The Story of the Living Dead), but also betrays a very modern sense of snobbery and voyeurism.

Certainly, on Facebook and YouTube, phone-videos of spice “zombies” form a grim genre: a nasty, contemptuous kind of entertainment, in which self-evident suffering is there to be giggled at. One Facebook post captures the general idea: “After the success of our first ‘spice zombie’ spotting tour through Grimsby town centre last Saturday … we plan to bring it to Hull city centre on Saturday 30 June. It’s a great day out for all ages, spotting the spice zombies from the safety of a large, friendly group.”
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