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We exclude the Labour left from British politics at our peril | Andy Beckett | Opinion | The Guardian
Many people in the rest of the party, and wider British politics and the media, don’t consider the left to be a legitimate Labour tribe, let alone legitimate rulers of the party, let alone a legitimate potential government. This is rarely stated explicitly. Excluding a large and currently vibrant group from mainstream politics can be an awkward argument to make in a democracy – especially when the radical right of the Conservative party has never been othered in the same way. Instead, starting with Margaret Thatcher, it has often run the country. But once you appreciate the implacable hostility the Labour left arouses, it explains a lot of otherwise puzzling British political phenomena.
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Is Foxtons the estate agent London deserves? | Andy Beckett | Business | The Guardian
"The swaggering success of Foxtons is partly a product of the double standards many of us have about property: complaining and worrying about the cost of it, while wanting to make as much as possible from it ourselves. The company is also a reflection of the modern British economy: short-term in its priorities, sometimes vibrant, London-dominated, property-skewed, socially divisive. The estate agent’s fortunes have become symbolic. Last month, the day the Conservative general election victory was announced, and with it the demise of Labour’s plans to increase taxes on properties worth more than £2m, it was widely noted by despairing leftwingers, as well as excited business reporters, that the Foxtons share price had leapt 12%."
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