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Perl Advent Calendar 2017 - Quickly Building DBIx::Class Schemas
Nice article, includes building a database using psql. Creating DBIx schema using CLI, and testing the schema with Fixtures.
Perl  Advent  DBIx  PostgreSQL  psql  Fixtures  Testing 
december 2017 by lost_in_space
Using the Perl debugger with DBIx::Class | Ovid [blogs.perl.org]
Using the Perl debugger with DBIx result sets, from Mr Poe...
Ovid  Perl  DBIx  debug 
april 2017 by lost_in_space
sherwind/dancer2-example: A Dancer2 simple ... - GitHub
Example of a Dancer2 App with MVC and DBIx, by one of the Dancer2 developers.
Dancer2  MVC  DBIx  Examples 
february 2016 by lost_in_space

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