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Enables one storage for relational, graph, document and key-value data.
Capable of SQL, GraphIQ, SPARQL, document-oriented queries to the same data.
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21 hours ago by griddell
GitHub - pmwkaa/sophia: Modern transactional key-value/row storage library.
Sophia is advanced transactional MVCC key-value/row storage library.

How does it differ from other storages?

Sophia is RAM-Disk hybrid storage. It is designed to provide best possible on-disk performance without degradation in time. It has guaranteed O(1) worst case complexity for read, write and range scan operations.

It adopts to expected write rate, total capacity and cache size. Memory requirements for common HDD and Flash drives can be seen Here.

What is it good for?

For server environment, which requires lowest latency write and read, predictable behaviour, optimized storage schema and transaction guarantees. It can efficiently work with large volumes of ordered data, such as a time-series, analytics, events, logs, counters, metrics, full-text search, common key-value, etc.
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2 days ago by griddell
Welcome to EJDB! — EJDB
EJDB is the embeddable (in-process) database engine designed for querying collections of JSON documents and persisting data. EJDB is implemented as a C library based on Tokyo Cabinet key-value storage engine. EJDB design is inspired by Mongodb and follows the same philosophy , especially for the query language

EJDB is good for:

In-process database for standalone desktop applications. (The SQLite niche);
Games development;
Simple server-side solution;
Whenever a fast in-process data-communication with storage layer is much preferred over TCP/IP transport;
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2 days ago by griddell
TimescaleDB vs. InfluxDB: purpose built differently for time-series data | Hacker News
tl;dr 20x higher inserts, 2000x faster deletes, 1.2x-14,000x faster queries, additional functions for time-series analytics (e.g., first(), last(), time_bucket() [1])
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5 days ago by dano

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