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Deutsche Bahn: Streiks legen Zugverkehr lahm – Ratlose Pendler

Aufgrund von Personalmangel, fehlenden Zügen sowie Engpässen im Netz haben sich Verspätungen besonders bei Fernzügen zuletzt ohnehin schon gehäuft. Fast ein Drittel aller ICE und IC waren verspätet. Das Pünktlichkeitsziel von über 80 Prozent kann die Bahn eigenen Planungen zufolge erst 2025 erreichen.

omggg, it's not just people's imaginations that the punctuality of DB has gotten worse over the years. The snippet above says that a third of IC and ICE trains are delayed, and because of a shortage of personnel and trainsets, the company's 80% on-time goal will not be achieved until at least 2025. o____O
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Adminer - Database management in a single PHP file
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noria - Rust
Noria is a new streaming data-flow system designed to act as a fast storage backend for read-heavy web applications based on this paper from OSDI'18. It acts like a databases, but pre-computes and caches relational query results so that reads are blazingly fast. Noria automatically keeps cached results up-to-date as the underlying data, stored in persistent base tables change. Noria uses partially-stateful data-flow to reduce memory overhead, and supports dynamic, runtime data-flow and query change.

Research-level implementation, so basically proof-of-concept at this point. Not a drop-in replacement for anything but the most basic mysql features. Interesting concepts though.

Code: https://github.com/mit-pdos/noria
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