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There Are No Active Hurricanes in Atlantic or Pacific as Peak of the Season Arrives | The Weather Channel
Taken together, 61 percent of all Atlantic named storms since 1950 have been either in August or September.

How Much is Left?

Once we reach the Atlantic hurricane season's peak, how much is left?

On average, another five named storms, three hurricanes and one major hurricane develop in the Atlantic Basin after the Sept. 10-11 peak.
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4 weeks ago by hafherb
Hurricane Season's Peak: Most Intense U.S. Hurricanes Hit in This Two-Week Period | The Weather Channel
the five most intense U.S. hurricanes have all made landfall in a 17-day period between Aug. 17 and Sept. 2.

This 17-day period is just a nine-percent slice of the entire Atlantic hurricane season, which spans six months from June 1 to Nov. 30 each year.

These hurricanes also struck before the Sept. 10 climatological peak of the hurricane season.
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4 weeks ago by hafherb
Y’all, “Roman” and Diana were 🔥🔥🔥🔥. Imagine the triangle that could happen with GF, DHim and DHer.
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8 weeks ago by KateSherrill
of the the . Little more than 365 unevenly divided in 12…
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8 weeks ago by jwtulp
How to Auto Insert & Update Countdown Days in Outlook Tasks’ Subjects
Some users are eager to auto insert and update countdown days in tasks’ subjects. So, in this article, we will introduce an intelligent approach to get it.
Auto  Insert  &  Update  Countdown  Days  Due  Date  in  outlook  VBA  recover  PST  Task  Subject 
12 weeks ago by DataNumen
has something for everyone. It has zany, over-the-top stories. Topical stories that rip out your guts. Romanc…
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december 2017 by KateSherrill
And Ron, like Mal at , didn't grow up watching . Difference is, Ron learned characters before pitching dang…
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december 2017 by KateSherrill
Okay, writers, you win the week for having Brady rattle off Eve's gold-digger aliases as "Chelsea from Spring…
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december 2017 by KateSherrill
has 8 non-white characters out of 31 regulars cast members. The non-white characters aren’t isolated into one…
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december 2017 by KateSherrill
How to Quickly Print the Specific Days of a Weekly Calendar in Your Outlook
Outlook permits you to print the weekly calendar. Yet, at times, you may just wish to print the specific days of a certain week in calendar. To realize it, you can use the method introduced in this article.
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november 2017 by DataNumen
Fall In
This leads to a question: Should one also change in conjunction with the seasons? By this I mean more than donning a natty scarf when the temperature drops below a certain level—I mean changing things about the way you eat, sleep, live, and work.

In Lewis Mumford’s endlessly-rich 1937 book Technics and Civilization, he explains how the clock altered human relations by organizing everything around twenty-four little hours instead of, say, the rhythm of the seasons.

The consequences of this, Mumford argues, are profound:

When one thinks of the day as an abstract span of time, one does not go to bed with the chickens on a winter’s night: one invents wicks, chimneys, lamps, gaslights, electric lamps, so as to use all the hours belonging to the day. When one thinks of time, not as a sequence of experiences, but as a collection of hours, minutes, and seconds, the habits of adding time and saving time come into existence.

Because of the clock, Mumford continues, “Abstract time became the new medium of existence. Organic functions themselves were regulated by it: one ate, not upon feeling hungry, but when prompted by the clock: one slept, not when one was tired, but when the clock sanctioned it. A generalized time-consciousness accompanied the wider use of clocks: dissociating time from organic sequences….”

In sum, as the Earth wobbles around the Sun, don’t be afraid to switch things up. I can’t promise an uptick in productivity, but when you think of things in terms of seasons instead of a single day, the entire year becomes your canvas.
MattThomas  days  routine  seasons 
september 2017 by jbertsche
Download Amazing The Dalomba Days: Reid's 2nd Birthday Party… HD Pictures | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
The Dalomba Days: Reid's 2nd Birthday Party… The Dalomba Days: Reid's 2nd Birthday Party The Dalomba Days: Reid's 2nd Birthday Party…
IFTTT  WordPress  Tractor  2nd  amazing  birthday  Dalomba  days  download  hd  party  pictures  Reid39s 
september 2017 by wotek
The Rooms Where Writers Work
I’m the kind of writer who thinks on the page, and never do fewer than 20 drafts.

When you get obsessed with something, which is always what I’m after, your art really does compete with your life. If the house is a pigsty and my kids have no clean clothes, that’s a good sign for the book. It’s a difficult balance and it’s never going to be figured out.

I write my first draft by hand...I write better when I’m physically connected. Also when you write something down, it’s somehow more permanent. But for the next draft I do sit at my desk and type it up, filling in and editing as I go.
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august 2017 by jbertsche

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