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RT : With (Talking about planning in Arousa fishing towns) at the IV Restoration Forum (, Gali…
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RT : Can't pass up an opportunity to check out some art...and a hot building.
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RT : Advice from architects- ‘work with the architectural form of the building’ says Simon…
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RT : This dimmable LED lamp by for , keeps it chic in the bedroom department. Shop now…
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An Open Letter to David Chipperfield by Fred Bernstein (Huffington Post, 6/3/2015)
I know you really care about floors. I know because I've been to your Neues Museum in Berlin and your Saint Louis Art Museum extension, and both have exceptional floors.
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London’s architecture lacks Berlin’s sense of culture, says Chipperfield | Art and design | The Guardian
Leading British architect, who works in both cities, bemoans lack of public realm and discussion of buildings’ meaning in Britain
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About | Turner Contemporary
"Turner Contemporary is a dynamic visual arts organisation that believes in making art open, relevant and fulfilling for all.

Inspired by JMW Turner’s sense of enquiry, we offer a space for everyone to embrace their curiosity and to discover different ways of seeing, thinking and learning.

We do this by offering a stimulating programme of temporary exhibitions, events and learning opportunities. This programme enables intriguing connections to be made between art from 1750 to the present day.

On Saturday 16 April 2011 our landmark new gallery, designed by Stirling Prize Winner David Chipperfield Architects, opened. Admission to the gallery is free. Watch the opening ceremony here.

Situated on Margate’s seafront, on the same site where Turner stayed when visiting the town, our gallery is the largest exhibition space in the South East, outside of London.

We are at the forefront of Margate’s exciting revival as Kent’s new cultural heart.

With the help of our funders, community and supporters, we stimulate change and build a warm, vibrant cultural space for everyone."

[See also the "learn" page: http://www.turnercontemporary.org/learn ]
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