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Talking Heads' Fear Of Music was released on this day 40 years ago
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6 weeks ago by jamescampbell
David Byrne on Vimeo
Recital año 1992, estadio Obras, presentando "Rey Momo"
davidbyrne  reimomo  live 
january 2019 by nicolas
RT : How Talking Heads' Remain In Light Almost Never Came To Be
DavidByrne  BrianEno  from twitter
september 2018 by bsscdt
This Must Be David Byrne
"For over four decades, the rock 'n' roll icon has carved out a career by zagging when everyone else was zigging—whether with his band Talking Heads or with collaborators ranging from Brian Eno to St. Vincent. Now, with his first solo record in 14 years, Byrne is attempting his trickiest act of subversion yet: finding stuff to feel good about in 2018."
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may 2018 by grahams

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