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What Rural America Has to Teach Us
David Brooks/The New York Times, March 21, 2019.
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Opinion | The Remoralization of the Market - The New York Times
"[reduced individual and corporate tax rates and deregulation] basically worked. We’ve had four long economic booms since then. But there was an interesting cultural shift that happened along the way. In a healthy society, people try to balance a whole bunch of different priorities: economic, social, moral, familial. Somehow over the past 40 years economic priorities took the top spot and obliterated everything else. As a matter of policy, we privileged economics and then eventually no longer could even see that there could be other priorities."
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The Morality of Selfism
David Brooks/The New York Times, Jan. 3, 2019.
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Opinion | A New Center Being Born - The New York Times
But Niskanen thinkers like Ed Dolan, Samuel Hammond and Will Wilkinson made a simple and empirically verifiable observation. The nations that have the freest markets also generally have the most generous welfare states. The two are not in opposition. In the real world they go together.

The key distinction you have to make, Will Wilkinson writes, is between the redistributive state and the regulatory state.
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