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Kass, Sihaya Black (beledibabe) - John/Rodney, E --- 15,788

John's mind was already made up, but he couldn't resist yanking Rodney's chain a little bit. "Hmm," he said. "A room full of physicists; a long-winded presentation I probably won't understand. Yeah, it doesn't really sound like fun."
ao3  sga  mckay/sheppard  *e  w.d::10-20k  ;★★☆  back-to-earth  first  dating  sex  pov-mixed 
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Same song (to a different beat).
withoutwords - Ray/Fraser, T --- 1,435

That Fraser that everyone else sees, or thinks they see, he’s standing in Ray’s apartment.

“It has changed,” Ray hears himself say on a breath, and Fraser squints at him just a little.

“What has, Ray?”


ao3  due-south  fraser/ray-k  *t  w.a::0-2k  ;★★★  dating  first  cute  pov-ray 
12 days ago by we.are.golden
When I got dumped, I didn’t hide my heartbreak from my kids - The Washington Post
Studies have shown that even insincere positive self-talk in the face of addiction recovery and heartbreak can change the outcome. And the kids jumped on board. They smiled and talked about the things they liked and the things they missed about friends and family who lived far away. And I started to feel better, too. I’d changed the narrative of my breakup to something positive. After I’d told the story a few times, it became my reality.
dating  divorce  parenting  mary-widdicks 
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Online Dating Frequently Asked Questions, Dating Profile Tips & Advice
Dating Profile Tips, Online Dating Advice, Online Dating FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions on Dating Apps, Online Dating Consultant, Dating Profile Help, Dating Photo Advice, Online Dating Best Practices. How To Take Good Online Dating Photos. Best Online Dating Photographer. Should I lie about my age on dating sites and apps? | Online Dating Scammer | Online Dating Catfishing | Onlne Dating Background Check | Vet Your Date | Vetting Online Dates | First Bumble Message | First Hinge Me...
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Abdel Abdellaoui on Twitter: "I have an idea for a dating app. Non-Africans carry 1-2% Neanderthal DNA, but collectively they carry 40% of the Neanderthal genome. The app matches people with non-overlapping Neanderthal DNA. If this gets popular enough, we
> I have an idea for a dating app. Non-Africans carry 1-2% Neanderthal DNA, but collectively they carry 40% of the Neanderthal genome. The app matches people with non-overlapping Neanderthal DNA. If this gets popular enough, we could recreate 40% Neanderthal - 60% human persons!
DNA  evolution  neanderthal  dating 
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