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PHD Comics: Dating Odds
Link to Piled Higher and Deeper
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3 days ago by iiridayn
'Asian Bae' Of 'Insecure' Explains Why His Role Is Groundbreaking For Asian Guys | HuffPost
“I was ashamed of being Chinese as a kid, and would revel anytime I was confused for Polynesian, Hawaiian or Maori, because these other ethnicities had an exotic attraction and appeal that my [being] Chinese didn’t carry in a white society ― the irony being each of those ethnicities were at one time influenced by Chinese.”
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4 days ago by yolandaenoch
Secrets Of A Matchmaker: Secret #5 — Heartalytics
The important distinction to make is that red flags are not related to preferences, looks, or attractiveness (e.g. height).
5 days ago by hypatia
Rom-Coms Made Me a Stalker – Not Another First Time Story – Medium
“Whether a gesture is alarming or charming depends on how it’s received.” Ted Mosby delivered this sage advice in the last season of How I Met Your Mother, about 15 years too late by my timing. It’s…
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7 days ago by pmigdal
Mind + Body: Emilia Bechrakis Serhant - BELLA New York Magazine
When Serhant first met Ryan, she was intrigued by his confidence and charisma. She found him to be one of the most striking men she had ever seen, she says, pointing out that she also appreciated his sense of humor and confidence.

She knew it was the real deal when she felt nervous around him, but then found herself letting down her guard slowly but surely. “I am a very guarded person and it takes a long time to break down my walls,” Serhant explains. “It took him a while, but he did that.”
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9 days ago by lwhlihu
People Search -
Find anyone online using image, phone, email, name and username searches. We help you search for people and verify online connections.
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10 days ago by enslrhs82
pov333 comments on What has been the biggest misconception you've had about women and how did you realize you'd gotten it wrong?
Men & dating selfies:


Your right. Some men put no effort into taking a pic. Which leads me to believe they don’t really think they have a shot with ANY woman , so why bother.

Or they aren’t comfortable taking selfies, feeling embarrassed or stupid doing it, and they also don’t have pictures taken of them by others.

If you aren’t confident about yourself then you aren’t going to use proper lighting or a quality camera. And if you don’t have experience taking selfies you aren’t going to have a lot of pictures to pick from or know what angles to use.

I’m someone who considers myself good looking and have been told that I am. I take pictures that are “okay.” They aren’t bad but I am envious when I see guys that have pictures of guys that look like they are being taken by professionals.

Exactly. When I was on dating sites I remember several times thinking "I wonder if I could get _______ to take some nice pics of me", then it just felt too fuckin weird and desperate and fake so I never did. I couldn't help but cringe at what someone would think of a guy trying to get someone else to take his online profile pics.
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10 days ago by eaconley

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