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Why you shouldn't use Moment.js
Moment.js is heavy, slow, mutable and hard to debug, still yet it has some advantages. However you should consider using different library, e.g JS-Joda, Luxon, Date-Fns or Day.js, depending on your needs. And even if you decide to stick with Moment.js, be aware of few things, e.g moment(undefined) will give you valid date.
javascript  moment  time  dates  library 
7 days ago by spaceninja
Dates and Times in R
use this if you're confused about what the abbreviations for the components of a date mean.
programming  r  dates 
8 days ago by w1nt3rmut3
sj14/epoch: Easily convert epoch timestamps to human readable formats and vice versa.
Easily convert epoch timestamps to human readable formats and vice versa. - sj14/epoch
golang  dates  conversion 
15 days ago by pinterb
Arrow: better dates and times for Python — Arrow 0.13.0 documentation
Arrow: better dates and times for Python. Arrow is a Python library that provides a sensible, intelligent way of creating, manipulating, formatting and converting dates and times.
python-packages  python  dates  datetime  library 
17 days ago by ciaranmccormick
Halfmoon Hideaway
A tasteful, modern cottage set in the grounds of our old homestead, high up in the hills of Maleny.
travel  brisbane  dates 
6 weeks ago by chris.leaman
(34) Python Tutorial: String Formatting - Advanced Operations for Dicts, Lists, Numbers, and Dates - YouTube
In this Python tutorial, we will be learning how to perform some advanced string formatting operations. Formatting our strings allows us to display our information in exactly the way we would like it to be displayed. Everyone, in almost all areas of Python programming, comes across a situation where they need to format a data type in a specific way.
strings  python  formatting  datetime  date  howto  tutorial  lists  dictionary  numbers  dates 
7 weeks ago by pauljacobson

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