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A lightweight javascript timezone library
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1 hour ago by linuslundahl
Big tech warns of 'Japan's millennium bug' ahead of Akihito's abdication | Technology | The Guardian
"On 30 April 2019, Emperor Akihito of Japan is . The decision was announced in December 2017 so as to ensure an orderly transition to Akihito’s son, Naruhito, but the coronation could cause concerns in an unlikely place: the technology sector.

The Japanese calendar counts up from the coronation of a new emperor, using not the name of the emperor, but the name of the era they herald. Akihito’s coronation in January 1989 marked the beginning of the Heisei era, and the end of the Shōwa era that preceded him; and Naruhito’s coronation will itself mark another new era.

But that brings problems. For one, Akihito has been on the throne for almost the entirety of the information age, meaning that many systems have never had to deal with a switchover in era. For another, the official name of Naruhito’s era has yet to be announced, causing concern for , calendar printers and international standards bodies.

It’s why some are calling it “Japan’s problem”."
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10 days ago by gohai
9 Best Javascript Time And Date Manipulation Libraries For 2018
9 Useful Javascript time and date manipulation libraries for your next application. Learn how to manipulate and control time with date-fns, moment.js, spacetime, luxon, dayjs, ms, instadate and more.
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12 days ago by HusseinMorsy

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