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RT : Hi everyone, if you teach , this piece by is an EXCELLENT primer: “Models are empirical way…
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5 hours ago by jburnmurdoch
At first glance like the setup so def going to try this one :-) by .
How about…
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8 hours ago by jwtulp
RT : Beginner’s guide to visualization literacy : via
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14 hours ago by rukku
Plotting the Course Through Charted Waters
Interactive presentation on dataviz literacy
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21 hours ago by _af
RT : Congrats to the Team at for the launch of their new & website,…
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21 hours ago by PhilRodgers
Hi everyone, if you teach , this piece by is an EXCELLENT primer: “Models are empirical way…
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23 hours ago by ljegou
Principles of Information Visualization | The Historian's Macroscope: Big Digital History
information visualization is the mapping of abstract data to graphic variables in order to make a visual representation
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yesterday by miaridge
If any of the crowd find this useful:

Just made a little SVG curly bracket generator…
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yesterday by jburnmurdoch
An argument based on evidence and careful reasoning is not a "story".

More often than not, a or infograph…
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2 days ago by moritz_stefaner
Dear and people: I am currently compiling a book with ALL statistical maps by Charles-Joseph…
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2 days ago by jwtulp

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