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How long is the perfect book?
British novelist E.M. Forster once complained that long books “are usually overpraised” because “the reader wishes to convince others and himself that he has not wasted his time.” To test his theory we collected reader ratings for 737 books tagged as “classic literature” on, a review aggregator with 80m members. The bias towards chunky tomes was substantial. Slim volumes of 100 to 200 pages scored only 3.87 out of 5, whereas those over 1,000 pages scored 4.19. Longer is better, say the readers.
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9 days ago by terry
The Myth of the Criminal Immigrant — Information is Beautiful Awards
Almost half of Americans believe that immigrants make crime worse. But the data tells a different story. This visual piece examines the relationship between immigration and crime in American cities over the past 40 years.
migration  immigration  crime  datavisualisation  USA  MarshallProject  casestudy  InformationisBeautiful  2018 
19 days ago by inspiral
Bussed Out: How America Moves Its Homeless — Information is Beautiful Awards
Each year, US cities give thousands of homeless people one-way bus tickets out of town. An 18-month nationwide investigation by the Guardian reveals, for the first time, what really happens at journey’s end. Through the combined use of (scrollytelling) data visualizations, video, photography, and of course, text, the article explains the impact of the homeless moving around the US. Both from the perspective of the homeless and the cities that are sending them away.
homelessness  migration  webjournalism  datavisualisation  Guardian  USA  casestudy  InformationisBeautiful  2018 
19 days ago by inspiral
Here’s How America Uses Its Land — Information is Beautiful Awards
How do Americans use their land? Bloomberg’s exploration uses a series of unique 8,000-pixel maps in a distinctive, scrolling web experience.
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19 days ago by inspiral
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein – in charts
Two centuries after the publication of Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein, the monster she created still stalks our imaginations. Adam Frost, Sergio Gallardo and Edu Fuentes piece together the facts behind the myth.
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4 weeks ago by terry
Quartetto Sincronie performing Beethoven op. 74 num. 10
This is not a graphic experiment to represent Beethoven's work, but a precise research that attempts to narrate the musical and stage performance by the Quartetto Sincronie.
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5 weeks ago by terry
Dynamic Planet Interactive Scientific Poster
The Interactive Scientific Poster „Dynamic Planet” was designed and developed for the exhibition „Focus Earth” of the GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences in Potsdam. One of the main advantages of a digital poster is that it can display dynamic content. This is at the same time the essential statement of the scientific poster "Dynamic Planet": our earth never stands still, is permanently shaken by earthquakes.
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5 weeks ago by terry
Information is Beautiful Awards 2018: The Winners
Let's raise a glass to dataviz that pushes boundaries, illuminates truth, and celebrates beauty. Thank you to everyone who joined us on the Information is Beautiful Awards journey this year - now see which entries took home trophies at tonight's spectacular ceremony.
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5 weeks ago by terry
Demain on se retrouve pour une journée consacrée à la et aux données urbaines !
Gratuit sur insc…
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5 weeks ago by ljegou
Teaching data visualization to kids
I’d love to see a way to make data visualization education a broader part of the curriculum, both on its own and linked with their math and other classes. Imagine adding different shapes to maps in their Social Studies classes to encode data or using waterfall charts in their math classes to visually demonstrate a simple mathematical equation or developing simple network diagrams in science class. The combination of the scientific approach to data visualization and the creativity it sparks could serve as a great way to help students learn.
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6 weeks ago by terry
Teaching kids data visualization
Jonathan Schwabish gave his fourth-grade son’s class a lesson on data visualization. He wrote about his experience:
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6 weeks ago by terry
The space race is dominated by new contenders
Some 4,500 satellites circle Earth, providing communications services and navigational tools, monitoring weather, observing the universe, spying and doing more besides. Getting them there was once the business of the superpowers’ armed forces and space agencies. Now it is mostly done by companies and the governments of developing countries. [...]

In the past decade the West’s space-launch market has become more competitive thanks to an innovative new entrant, SpaceX. But state-run programmes still lead the way in emerging markets. In 2003 China became the third country to put a person into orbit; India plans to follow suit in 2022. Both sell launch services to private clients. China did legalise private space flight in 2014, but no companies based there have yet reached orbit on their own.

Like their cold-war predecessors, these Asian titans have strategic goals as well as a thirst for publicity. They need independent access to space for communication, intelligence and navigation. However commercialised space gets, the competition will never be solely economic.
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october 2018 by terry

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