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The space race is dominated by new contenders
Private businesses and rising powers are replacing the cold-war duopoly
datavisualisation  infographic  space 
2 days ago by terry
Interactive Charts | Do we need economic inequality? | Worldmapper
The following Gapminder-style feature shows a comparison of inequality and a range of indicators in all US states as well as 14 of the wealthiest countries in the world.
political  inequality  datavisualisation  data 
16 days ago by SarahHolyfield
Stefanie Posavec
I'm Stefanie, a designer and artist whose favoured creative material is data
art  artist  datavisualisation  data 
7 weeks ago by SarahHolyfield
We are looking for a trainee to develop a dashboard for & data. The sof…
DataVisualisation  bibliometric  altmetric  from twitter_favs
11 weeks ago by ljegou
Infogram: Create Infographics, Reports and Maps
Beautiful charts, maps, graphics, and dashboards are a snap with Infogram.
datavisualisation  datasciencetools 
july 2018 by researchknowledge
Banu Cennetoğlu: 'As long as I have resources, I will make The List more visible' | World news | The Guardian
From stickers on ATMs to full-blown countrywide campaigns, this artist has spent 16 years of her life making the world wake up to Europe’s migrant crisis
art  activism  political  postMA  datavisualisation 
june 2018 by SarahHolyfield
Data Visualisation in Football
“These patterns intrigue us, but not as much as the outlier, the outsider - the moment of magic, the goal from nothing. The words we use - beautiful, impossible, Pirlo - speak of an emotional reaction that outweighs all logic. Numbers can be beautiful but never let numbers be the only beauty.”
football  beauty  data  art  datavisualisation 
may 2018 by colm.mcmullan

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