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We are looking for a trainee to develop a dashboard for & data. The sof…
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16 days ago by ljegou
Infogram: Create Infographics, Reports and Maps
Beautiful charts, maps, graphics, and dashboards are a snap with Infogram.
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6 weeks ago by researchknowledge
Banu Cennetoğlu: 'As long as I have resources, I will make The List more visible' | World news | The Guardian
From stickers on ATMs to full-blown countrywide campaigns, this artist has spent 16 years of her life making the world wake up to Europe’s migrant crisis
art  activism  political  postMA  datavisualisation 
8 weeks ago by SarahHolyfield
Data Visualisation in Football
“These patterns intrigue us, but not as much as the outlier, the outsider - the moment of magic, the goal from nothing. The words we use - beautiful, impossible, Pirlo - speak of an emotional reaction that outweighs all logic. Numbers can be beautiful but never let numbers be the only beauty.”
football  beauty  data  art  datavisualisation 
11 weeks ago by colm.mcmullan
Worldmapper | rediscover the world as you've never seen it before
Worldmapper is a collection of world maps called cartograms, where territories are re-sized on each map according to the subject of interest
maps  political  datavisualisation  postMA 
may 2018 by SarahHolyfield
Promotional vid for my new online data viz course
Although I am appreciative of the team at Sage for encouraging me to surface my previously suppressed acting skills, I am equally delighted to announce my retirement from the acting world. It was though nice and liberating to be allowed to do some bad visuals.
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may 2018 by terry
A fascinating exhibition of by , showing how our posts really are all…
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may 2018 by moritz_stefaner
RT : Take part in our challenge! Use our dataset to develop & visualise innovative solutions to the k…
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april 2018 by sdp
Xenographics – Weird but (sometimes) useful charts is a collection of unusual charts and maps, managed by Maarten Lambrechts. Its objective is to create a repository of novel, innovative and experimental visualizations to inspire you, to fight xenographphobia and popularize new chart types.

The xenographics collection will keep on growing. If you know of one that isn’t here already, please submit it. You can also expect some posts about certain topics around xenographics.
datavisualisation  inspiration  design  charts  data  graphics 
april 2018 by Shoord
Old Trafford visit will remind Arsenal what is at stake when replacing Wenger | Paul Wilson | Football | The Guardian
lIt will not be going back there any time soon, not at the top level at any rate. That is the pair’s great modernising achievement, if you like, and it is also the reason why United miscalculated the Ferguson succession so badly.

Arsenal still have all that potential disruption to come, but they could do worse than be guided by the wise words of their departing leader. “What I like about Arsenal,” Wenger once said. “Is that they respect traditional values while not being scared to move forward.”

That sentiment is probably more true of the Arsenal he joined rather than the Arsenal he will leave, though at least there need be no more agitating or pretending. The time to move forward is definitely here.”
data  datavisualisation  arsenal  arsenewenger  manchesterunited  football 
april 2018 by colm.mcmullan
chart-doctor/visual-vocabulary at master · ft-interactive/chart-doctor · GitHub
A poster (available in English, Japanese, traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese) and web site to assist designers and journalists to select the optimal symbology for data visualisations, by the Financial Times Visual Journalism Team.

The FT Visual Vocabulary is at the core of a newsroom-wide training session aimed at improving chart literacy. This learning resource is inspired by the Graphic Continuum by Jon Schwabish and Severino Ribecca. This is not an attempt to teach everyone how to make charts, but how to recognise the opportunities to use them effectively alongside words.

Read the Chart Doctor feature column for full background on why we made this: Simple techniques for bridging the graphics language gap
datavisualisation  data  inspiration  design  charts  graphics 
april 2018 by Shoord
The Python Graph Gallery – Visualizing data – with Python
Welcome to the Python Graph Gallery. This website displays hundreds of charts, always providing the reproducible python code! It aims to showcase the awesome dataviz possibilities of python and to help you benefit it. Feel free to propose a chart or report a bug. Any feedback is highly welcome. Get in touch with the gallery by following it on Twitter, Facebook, or by subscribing to the blog. Note that this online course  is another good resource to learn dataviz with python.
inspiration  data  python  datavisualisation  design  reference  charts  graphics 
april 2018 by Shoord
Data Viz Project | Collection of data visualizations to get inspired and finding the right type.

This is a website trying to present all relevant data visualizations, so you can find the right visualization and get inspired how to make them.


The Data Viz Project started out as an internal tool box, where we simply stuck data visualizations up on our wall as visual inspiration. Of course, there are a lot of books, websites, libraries, and tools that include a lot of visualization types, but not as comprehensive and logical as we liked. So instead of continuing to stick these visualizations on our wall, we thought we might as well just put it online, so you and others can use it as a tool and inspiration.
datavisualisation  reference  design  inspiration  data  charts  graphics 
april 2018 by Shoord

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