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piece-table/core.clj at master · ghadishayban/piece-table
Persistent piece-table implementation in Clojure. Contribute to ghadishayban/piece-table development by creating an account on GitHub.
piece_table  piece_chain  datastructure  clojure 
13 days ago by mac
Piece Chains - Catch22
OK so I lied about getting the syntax-highlighting implemented this time around. I got bogged down in “regular expression hell” and needed something else to concentrate on. So during the summer period I’ve instead been slowly implementing Neatpad’s text-editing capability. As I hinted at in the very first installment of this tutorial series, I have decided to follow the “Piece Table” design. The aim of this tutorial will be to discuss the rationale behind this decision and also highl...
piece_table  piece_chain  datastructure  editor 
13 days ago by mac
Why Relational Databases are not the Cure-All. Strength and Weaknesses.
This post discusses the strengths and weaknesses of relational databases and suggest document-oriented databases like MongoDB as an alternative.
relationa  database  rdbms  limit  graph  datastructure  issue 
7 weeks ago by gilberto5757
armon/libart: Adaptive Radix Trees implemented in C
Adaptive Radix Trees implemented in C. Contribute to armon/libart development by creating an account on GitHub.
radix  c  c++  datastructure  datastructures  library  programming  software  tree 
7 weeks ago by xer0x
This Simple Structure Unites All Human Languages - Issue 76: Language - Nautilus
Take a deep breath. As you breathe in, your lungs fill with air. The air is carried through every part of your lungs by tubes. These…
nautilus  language  linguistics  datastructure 
11 weeks ago by newtonapple
DDSketch: a fast and fully-mergeable quantile sketch with relative-error guarantees
"Fortunately there are plenty of quantile sketching algorithms available including the GK-sketch, the t-digest, the HDR histogram, and the Moments sketch that we looked at last year. For reasons we’ll see shortly though, none of those were good enough for Datadog, so they developed their own sketching data structure, DDSketch."
probablistic  datastructure  quantile  statistics 
11 weeks ago by aapl

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