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GitHub - COMHIS/estc: ESTC analytics
This is an algorithmic toolkit for R, designed for transparent quantitative analysis of the British Library English Short Title Catalogue (ESTC) data collection. The package is under active, open development; the tools, analysis, and documentation are preliminary and constantly updated. via Pocket
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23 hours ago by kintopp
What are the ten most cited sources on Wikipedia? Let’s ask the data.
"a dataset of every citation referencing an identifier across all 297 Wikipedia language editions"
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yesterday by aparrish
Who’s On First
A gazetteer or big list of places, each with a stable identifier and some number of descriptive properties about that location. via Pocket
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yesterday by kintopp
Who's On First Data | Stanford Digital Repository
Who's on First is a openly-licensed gazetteer of places worldwide. Data are compiled from several sources including GeoNames, GeoPlanet, Natural Earth, Quattroshapes, and Zetashapes. This gazetteer implements a hierarchy of common and optional place types ranging from continents to venues. via Pocket
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yesterday by kintopp
RT : IEEE Xplore users can now run, download, and experiment with code from within the & tab embedded in…
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6 days ago by aarontay
Steinheim-Institut | IDs (Linked Data)
RDF-Daten aus der GND (via { "@context" : "" "license" : "" "@type" : "person" "@id" : "http://d-nb. via Pocket
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7 days ago by kintopp

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