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Docparser - Extract Data From PDF to Excel, JSON and Webhooks
Docparser offers fast, secure and accurate PDF data extraction tools to automate your document based workflow. Docparser converts PDF to Excel, CSV, XML or JSON, and moves the data to where it belongs.
pdf  extraction  extractor  xls  CSV  excel  document  parser  automation  OCR  data  dataextraction  datascraping  scraping  scrape  structureddata  saas 
july 2017 by csaper
Microservice Series: Scraper
This post is part of a series of open source projects that we’ll be releasing in the next while, as described previously here. I’ve been doing a bit of Machine Learning recently and a big part of…
microservices  nodejs  datascraping 
january 2017 by AJeezy9
2016’s Most Sinful Cities in America | WalletHub®
Great example of secondary analysis, using existing data to prove a point.
secondaryanalysis  data  data_mining  datascraping  cities 
january 2017 by jeromekatz
Scraping Google Scholar to write your PhD literature chapter
This post is about a prototype ‘network’ approach to finding papers using data from Google Scholar, hopefully pointing to what could be done with more open data.
google  googlescholar  datascraping  scraping 
october 2016 by sspela
Tutorials - Nokogiri 鋸
Documentation for Nokogiri, a Ruby XML and HTML library.
Ruby  datascraping  scraping  nokogiri 
august 2015 by gresch
UmatiCodebase - The Umati Codebase is suite of analysis code built in R and Python for purposes of studying the propagation of inflammatory speech online. It also represents the machine translation of the Umati methodology on factors for identifying dangerous speech in Kenya
nlp  python  r  datascraping  dataanalysis 
november 2014 by jrebane

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