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Data Bootcamp (book)
This GitBook was written by David Backus, Sarah Beckett-Hile, Chase Coleman, and Spencer Lyon for a course at NYU's Stern School of Business. The idea is to give students experience with economic and financial data and introduce programming newbies to the benefits of moving beyond Excel. We use the Python programming language, specifically Python's data management and graphics tools. If that doesn't whet your appetite, we have a more elaborate sales pitch.

We designed the book to accompany a live class. We've tried to make it self-contained, but the written word is a poor substitute for the interaction you get in a classroom.

The book comes in multiple formats. You can access it on the internet. Or you can download (and print) a pdf file. The former comes with links, which we think is a huge advantage, and can be updated quickly, but if you like paper by all means try the pdf. All of them are available at
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