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Most Americans don’t understand Facebook ad targeting - Vox
Facebook users don’t trust the company, but apparently they don’t know exactly why.
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yesterday by jorgebarba
Tableau | Business Intelligence and Analytics Software
Harness the power of your data. Unleash the potential of your people. Choose the analytics platform that disrupted the world of business intelligence. Choose Tableau.
business_intelligence  analysis  software  data_visualization  datamining 
2 days ago by gryphonent
WIRED: The Exaggerated Promise of So-Called Unbiased Data Mining
The Exaggerated Promise of So-Called Unbiased Data Mining
Opinion: Why ransacking data for hidden patterns often results in misleading—or meaningless—conclusions. Read the full story
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8 days ago by ahasteve
Algorithmenethik | for algorithmic decision-making that serves humankind
Initiative zur Entwicklung einer Ethik-Checkliste.
Carla Hustedt et al (Bertelsmann Stiftung), #algorules
ai  society  concern  critique  research  gesellschaftsgestaltung  datamining 
11 days ago by hirnsieb
Facebook Didn’t Sell Your Data; It Gave It Away - The Atlantic
In exchange for even more data about you from Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, Microsoft, and others
facebook  datamining  privacy  atlantic 
25 days ago by jorgebarba
An Intro to , and How it Uncovers Patterns and Trends in Data: by
DataMining  from twitter_favs
26 days ago by rukku
Master List of Data Broker Opt-Out Links -
List of contacts to opt out of data mining your info...
DataMining  OptOut  List 
28 days ago by lost_in_space

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