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A Journey to Semi-Deep Learning at Paytm | Paytm Labs
A look at a recommendation engine with a large dataset and few user engagement metrics. They looked at a variety of algorithms/techniques based on their feature set
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22 hours ago by eywu
Interesting: The demand for Individuals skilled in per :

* Demand For Data Scientists Will Soar 2…
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4 days ago by jhill5
PhD position on mining streaming data in the financial sector:
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5 days ago by kyosha
GitHub - linyiqun/DataMiningAlgorithm: 数据挖掘18大算法实现以及其他相关经典DM算法
数据挖掘算法 算法目录 18大DM算法 包名 目录名 算法名 AssociationAnalysis DataMining_Apriori Apriori-关联规则挖掘算法 AssociationAnalysis DataMining_FPTree FPTree-频繁模式树算法 BaggingAndBoosting DataMining_AdaBoost AdaBoost-装袋提升算法 Classification DataMi
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5 days ago by leninworld
Google Cloud Datalab vs Anaconda Cloud vs Domino Datalab
When it comes to scientific experimentation and collaboration, people tend to need the same thing : an easy-to-use interface to hack and optimize their algorithms, a data i/o, support for their…
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6 days ago by colindocherty
Temporal Literature and Programming Resources (incl. time series & event clustering, classification, an…
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7 days ago by cdrago
clips/pattern: Web mining module for Python, with tools for scraping, natural language processing, machine learning, network analysis and visualization.
GitHub is where people build software. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 85 million projects.
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8 days ago by Spark
Strava Labs: Exploring a Billion Activity Dataset from Athletes with Apache Spark - Databricks
At Strava we have extensively leveraged Apache Spark to explore our data of over a billion activities, from tens of millions of athletes.
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13 days ago by leninworld

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