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Sentiment analysis meets social media – Challenges and solutions of the field in view of the current information sharing context - ScienceDirect
In this introductory article, we briefly define the key concepts in Sentiment Analysis and describe present challenges faced by research in the task. Subsequently, we introduce each of the papers in this volume – chosen from an open call for papers and extended versions of the best papers presented at the 4th Workshop on Computational Approaches to Subjectivity, Sentiment and Social Media Analysis (WASSA 2013)- and we describe their contribution to the advancement of the current research in Sentiment Analysis. Finally, we conclude on the issues that have been tackled and those that remain open and reflect on the possible future developments of the field.
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New technologies are accelerating drug development, bringing hope to patients
We continue to expand our tools to enhance their accuracy and help our business partners, academics and nonprofits such as Findacure. For example, processes such as sentiment analysis — a way to identify words and phrases that indicate opinions, attitudes and lack of certainty (e.g., “suggests,” “seems to indicate”) to biomedical literature searches and relevant input from social media — will be important. Although it’s still early, with challenges such as the need for linguistic resources and the ambiguity of words and their intent (e.g., with irony and sarcasm), Dr. Hodgkinson said sentiment analysis will play an increasingly important role in streamlining data analysis in the near future.
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Data mining with WEKA, Part 1: Introduction and regression
Data mining is the talk of the tech industry, as companies are generating millions of data points about their users and looking for a way to turn that information into increased revenue. Data mining is a collective term for dozens of techniques to glean information from data and turn it into something meaningful. This article will introduce you to open source data-mining software and some of the most common techniques to interpret data.
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12 days ago by otlib
Alle SpiegelMining-Artikel [D. Kriesel]
Analysis project around scraped SPIEGEL Online articles
- correllation of text length and time of day
- system of topics, sub-topics, keywords
- vacations of authors visible from their posting frequence
- ...
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12 days ago by hirnsieb
Based on a *True* True Story? — Information is Beautiful
Based on a True True Story?
Scene-by-scene breakdown of Hollywood films
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18 days ago by ssorc
This awesome book’s 2nd edition is now available! >> “Introduction to
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Introduction to Data Mining
This awesome book’s 2nd edition is now available! >> “Introduction to
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RT : No future without and : Companies have to break up data silos and connect the data…
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Digitalisierung: Google und Apple gefährden den fairen Wettbewerb - Andrea Nahles
Analogie 19 Jhd Dampfmaschine (Std Oil, Kohle & Stahl): Multimilliardäre + Proletariat zu 21 Jhd Algorithmen und AI

4,3 Mrd Kartellstrafe EU gg. Google weil Zwangsbündelung von GoogleApps mit AndroidOS

"Amazon ist kein Marktteilnehmer, Amazon ist der Markt."

>>> Gefährung des freien Wettbewerbs, weniger Innovation, weniger Wahl für Verbraucher

Mögl. Lösung: Daten-für-alle-Gesetz: ab bestimmtem Marktanteil muss ein Teil der Daten öffentlich zugänglich gemacht werden. (Analog zu auslaufenden Pharma Patenten)
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21 Recipes for Mining Twitter Data with rtweet
21 Recipes for Mining Twitter Data with rtweet
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4 weeks ago by rdr

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