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Soufflé | Soufflé • A Datalog Synthesis Tool for Static Analysis
Soufflé is a variant of Datalog for tool designers crafting analyses in Horn clauses. Soufflé synthesizes a native parallel C++ program from a logic specification.

Rapid-prototyping for your analysis problems with logic; enabling deep design-space explorations; designed for large-scale static analysis; e.g., points-to analysis for Java, taint-analysis, security checks.

Control flow analysis
datalog  logic  static 
3 days ago by tobym
threatgrid/naga: Datalog based rules engine
Datalog based rules engine. Contribute to threatgrid/naga development by creating an account on GitHub.
rules-engine  datalog 
11 weeks ago by brunns
Crux: Home
Bitemporal modelling is broadly useful for event-based architectures and is a critical requirement for systems in any industry with strong auditing regulations, where you need to be able to answer the question "what did you know and when did you know it?".
database  db  temporal  datalog  clojure  bitemporal  auditing  audit-log 
12 weeks ago by hellsten
Crux: Home
People on HN call it an open source Dataomic. An "unbundled" database that uses Kafka to store transactions (now can use h2, postgres, and others for this instead of Kafka), and RocksDB or LMDB for indexes.

"Crux is an open source document database with bitemporal graph queries." Bitemporal = it stores event time and processing time, great for event-based.

Supports Datalog query interface.

Documents are indexed as triples for "efficient graph queries" (what about deep joins, the problem solved by native graphdbs like dgraph?).
database  clojure  datalog  graph  interesting 
12 weeks ago by tobym

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