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Know your Latencies – 97 Things – Medium
Every data system has three characteristics that uniquely identifies it: the size of the data, the recency of the data, and the latency of queries on that data. You are probably familiar with the…
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19 days ago by ese
adilkhash/Data-Engineering-HowTo: A list of useful resources to learn Data Engineering from scratch
A list of useful resources to learn Data Engineering from scratch - adilkhash/Data-Engineering-HowTo
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4 weeks ago by intoverflow
1, 2, 3...
(1) Integration with Notebooks
(2) Orchestrating & Models
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april 2019 by cdrago
Why a data scientist is not a data engineer - O'Reilly Media
A few months ago, I wrote about the differences between data engineers and data scientists. I talked about their skills and common starting points. An interesting thing happened: the data scientists started pushing back, arguing that they are, in fact, as skilled as data engineers at data engineering. That was interesting because the data engineers didn’t push back saying they’re data scientists. So, I’ve spent the past few months gathering data and observing the behaviors of data scientists in their natural habitat. This post will offer more information about why a data scientist is not a data engineer.
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april 2019 by dlkinney
Why a data scientist is not a data engineer - O'Reilly Media
Interesting... "Why a data scientist is not a data engineer" I think they are both distinct…
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april 2019 by psychemedia

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