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The Plan to Use Fitbit Data to Stop Mass Shootings Is One of the Scariest Proposals Yet
Last week, the Washington Post reported that the White House had been briefed on a plan to create an agency called HARPA, a healthcare counterpart to the Pentagon’s research and development arm DARPA. Among other initiatives, this new agency would reportedly collect volunteer data from a suite of smart devices, including Apple Watches, Fitbits, Amazon Echos, and Google Homes in order to identify “neurobehavioral signs” of “someone headed toward a violent explosive act.” The project would then use artificial intelligence to create a “sensor suite” to flag mental changes that make violence more likely.
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15 days ago by corrickwales
Dropbox es un servicio gratuito que te permite llevar tus fotos, documentos y videos a cualquier lugar; además, puedes compartirlos fácilmente. Ya no tendrás que volver a enviarte un archivo por correo electrónico.
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may 2019 by barbaramaseda
Choosing between different techniques can be difficult. Take a look at our post to learn which tech…
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may 2019 by Varna
What Amazon knows about you - Axios
Naturally, they know what you've browsed or bought on their main service. They also know what you've asked Alexa, watched on Prime, and read on your Kindle. They know even more thanks to their ownership of Whole Foods, Ring, Eero, Twitch, Goodreads, IMDB and Audible.
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may 2019 by corrickwales
RT : Wanna use to build active listening skills? We’ve been working w/ to design a work…
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march 2019 by BeckyFaith
Wanna use to build active listening skills? We’ve been working w/ to design a work…
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march 2019 by fabrider
Netflix Has Saved Every Choice You’ve Ever Made in ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch' - Motherboard
“They claim they're doing the processing as it's 'necessary' for performing the contract between me and Netflix,” Veale told me. “Is storing that data against my account really 'necessary'?
netflix  GDPR  rights  dataprotection  analytics  contract  datacollection  example 
february 2019 by corrickwales
Apple tells app developers to disclose or remove screen recording code | TechCrunch
Apple is telling app developers to remove or properly disclose their use of analytics code that allows them to record how a user interacts with their iPhone apps — or face removal from the app store.
Apple  apps  privacy  analytics  dataprotection  userexperience  UX  datacollection 
february 2019 by corrickwales
German competition watchdog toys with ban on some Facebook data-slurps • The Register
A preliminary ruling from the watchdog in 2017 accused Facebook of abusing its market dominance to "limitlessly amass every kind of data" on its users. [...] the German watchdog could move to ban some of this data collection. However, it said the order might take the form of a deadline, rather than a call for immediate changes. If Facebook doesn't comply, ultimately the watchdog has the power to issue multi-million-Euro fines.
legalcase  germany  facebook  antitrust  dataprotection  datacollection 
january 2019 by corrickwales
Apple can't protect you from data trackers forever. No one can
The Ghostery privacy tool has thousands of trackers in its database, and it's adding about 20 to 30 new trackers per week.

Even that's still not enough though, he said. "There are trackers that don't end up in our database."

These trackers use tactics like device fingerprinting, which allows advertisers to know who's viewing their content based on data your browser gives over. The chances that visitors to a website have the exact same settings, fonts, plug-ins and browser version as you are pretty small, and it allows trackers to set up "fingerprints" for each device.
apple  google  privacy  infosec  dataCollection 
december 2018 by campylobacter
Quitting Facebook & Google: Why Exit Option Democracy is the Worst Kind of Democracy
Just how easy is it to opt out of corporate data collection? Are you just a luddite if you do choose to opt out? And what are the costs?
facebook  google  datacollection  dataretention  data  smartphone  technology  hds_interesting 
december 2018 by herdivineshadow

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