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The Customs and Border Protection Data Breach Was Inevitable - The Atlantic
U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced yesterday afternoon that hackers had stolen an undisclosed number of license-plate images and travelers’ ID photos from a subcontractor.
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Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report: Make It Harder for Hackers
Another area where hackers find they have to do relatively little for a big payoff is by using stolen credentials to compromise cloud-based email accounts. The report found that compromise of web-based email accounts using stolen credentials rose to 16% of all breaches this year, from just 3% last year.

To protect against social engineering attacks, IT professionals can block employees from clicking on macro-enabled Office documents, Windows executables and most links on the email gateway. Another important step is to encourage reporting.

To help prevent ransomware, Bassett recommends requiring employees who deal with the outside world to use a sandbox platform.
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Code Repository Companies Pledge to Share Attack Data | Decipher
On May 2, some BitBucket, GitHub, and GitLab users discovered their repositories had been wiped and replaced with a ransom note asking for Bitcoin. The fact that users were across all three platforms raised the possibility of a large operation where the attackers had figured out a way to compromise all the providers. After some investigation, the three providers confirmed independently that the attackers had compromised every single one of the ransomed repositories with legitimate credentials. In some cases, the attackers had the username and passwords; in other cases, they had application passwords, API keys, and personal access tokens.

“After getting access to the user accounts, the attackers performed command-line Git commits, which resulted in overwriting the source code in repositories with the ransom note,” the companies wrote in their analysis.

Instead, the collection of passwords and keys came from the repositories themselves, as users had saved (mistakenly?) files containing these secrets to the repositories. The fact that users save files containing API keys and passwords to cloud storage services and code repositories is a known—and big—problem.
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The Value Of Quickly Disclosing A Data Breach | Cozen O'Connor - JDSupra
Umm, not always ...
Therefore, the compromised company needs to get ahead of things to control the narrative. We oftentimes forget that a company that has been hacked is a victim. A timely public announcement can help to remind the public of that fact. An announcement that acknowledges the problem, provides a meaningful recourse for those affected, and emphasizes the company’s commitment to work with law enforcement can help to shift the focus toward those who invaded the company’s systems. Delaying announcement until after a breach is already publicly discovered robs the company of the opportunity to frame itself as part of the solution rather than part of the problem.
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