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Fanfic: Amends, or Truth and Reconciliation Ch 69, Harry Potter | FanFiction
Hermione attempts to negotiate the post-war, and brings databases to magical Britain.
fanfic  harrypotter  fantasy  databases  torture 
2 hours ago by pozorvlak
How Percona XtraBackup Works
Percona XtraBackup is based on InnoDB‘s crash-recovery functionality. It copies your InnoDB data files, which results in data that is internally inconsistent; but then it performs crash recovery on the files to make them a consistent, usable database again
mysql  clustering  databases  tools  backup  work  amazon  reference  howto 
18 hours ago by oscar-lopez
mysqldbcompare — Compare Two Databases and Identify Differences
This utility compares the objects and data from two databases to find differences. It identifies objects having different definitions in the two databases and presents them in a diff-style format of choice. Differences in the data are shown using a similar diff-style format
mysql  clustering  databases  tools  work  amazon  comparison 
2 days ago by oscar-lopez
Percona XtraBackup
Percona XtraBackup is an open-source hot backup utility for MySQL - based servers that doesn’t lock your database during the backup. It can back up data from InnoDB, XtraDB, and MyISAM tables on MySQL 5.1 [1], 5.5, 5.6 and 5.7 servers, as well as Percona Server with XtraDB
mysql  clustering  databases  tools  backup  work  amazon 
2 days ago by oscar-lopez
Backtracking an Aurora DB Cluster
With Amazon Aurora with MySQL compatibility, you can backtrack a DB cluster to a specific time, without restoring data from a backup. Backtracking "rewinds" the DB cluster to the time you specify.

Gotchas: it has to be enabled at DB creation, a rewind affects the entire cluster, is not supported with binary log (binlog) replication, is not compatible with MySQL 5.7 and causes a brief DB instance disruption
backup  recovery  databases  mysql  aws  rds  work  amazon 
2 days ago by oscar-lopez
Recover from a disaster with delayed replication in Amazon RDS for MySQL
Amazon RDS for MySQL now supports a delayed replication, which allows you to set a time period that a replica database lags behind a source database. A delay is very helpful when you need to recover from a human error. For example, if someone accidentally drops a table from your primary database, that accident doesn’t have to be saved in a replica
backup  recovery  databases  mysql  aws  rds  work  amazon 
2 days ago by oscar-lopez
MySQL High Availability at GitHub
How GitHub implemented HA for their MySQL databases. A multi-layer solution, segregating each responsibility in a different service: orchestration, proxy, service-discovery via orchestrator/raft, GLB/HAProxy, Consul
availability  clustering  databases  mysql  distributed  load  networking  opensource 
2 days ago by oscar-lopez
Installing PostgreSQL without Root
The only way to install Postgres without root privileges, in home directory, is to compile it from sources. That’s not very difficult.
tutorial  devops  databases 
4 days ago by zool
PostgreSQL 11 and Just In Time Compilation of Queries
Dimitri Fontaine (): PostgreSQL 11 and Just In Time Compilation of Queries
databases  from twitter_favs
7 days ago by tjweir
UIDAI’s Aadhaar Software Hacked, ID Database Compromised, Experts Confirm
The authenticity of the data stored in India's controversial Aadhaar identity database, which contains the biometrics and personal information of over 1 billion Indians, has been compromised by a software patch that disables critical security features of the software used to enrol new Aadhaar users, a three month-long investigation by HuffPost India reveals.

The patch—freely available for as little as Rs 2,500 (around $35)— allows unauthorised persons, based anywhere in the world, to generate Aadhaar numbers at will, and is still in widespread use.

This has significant implications for national security at a time when the Indian government has sought to make Aadhaar numbers the gold standard for citizen identification, and mandatory for everything from using a mobile phone to accessing a bank account.
security  aadhaar  identity  india  privacy  databases  data-privacy 
8 days ago by jm

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