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Laravel N+1 Query Detector. Contribute to beyondcode/laravel-query-detector development by creating an account on GitHub.
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1 hour ago by michaelfox
Automating Cache Invalidation With Change Data Capture · Debezium
Using the embedded engine, you can run the Debezium connectors as a library directly within your application. For each change event received from the database, a configured callback method will be invoked, which in the case at hand will evict the affected item from the second-level cache.
cache  database 
17 hours ago by pks
Setting Your Page Verify Database Option to CHECKSUM - Glenn Berry
Keep in mind that just changing the setting to CHECKSUM does not instantly add CHECKSUMs to your existing data pages in the database. In order for this to happen, you have to read each page into memory, make some sort of change and then write it back out to the storage subsystem. This can happen from normal INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE activity over time, or from rebuilding your indexes.
SQL  database  reference  blog  tsql 
22 hours ago by wda
How to Create a Database for Charity Commission Data | NCVO UK Civil Society Almanac
David Kane, a former senior researcher at NCVO, has created a ‘GitHub repository’ that contains the necessary files, a link to the Charity Commission web page, explanations of the tables and, finally, instructions on how to create the CSV spreadsheets and a database using Python: You can find the repository here – it is free to download the files.  The instructions below have been taken from those found in David’s repository but with a few extra bits to help clarify the process.
databases  charitycommission  charities  Database  tutorial 
yesterday by paulbradshaw
ProxySQL: high-performance, GPL licensed MySQL proxy. It supports hundreds of thousands of concurrent connections and can be multiplexed to hundreds of servers.
database  proxy  sql  mysql  gpl 
yesterday by jabbrwcky

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