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Show HN: FaunaDB, a strongly consistent, globally distributed cloud database | Hacker News
large scale distributed database system.
might be promising too much. might be too expensive for most uses.
db  nosql  scalability  database  distributed 
6 hours ago by tswaterman
How avoids and deals with replication lag
MySQL/MariaDB replication is asynchronous. You can make replication faster by using better hardware (faster CPU, more RAM, or quicker disks), or you can use p…
mysql  database  talk  replication 
8 hours ago by kwbr
Adding WordPress Admin Tables to Plugins with WP_List_Table - WPMU DEV
If you’ve ever wanted to add such list tables with your own data to your plugin, WordPress provides a nifty way to do so with the WP_List_Table class.

In this article, I’ll show you how to use the WordPress API to add WordPress-like administration tables or list tables to your plugin’s admin screen.

The WordPress list tables are used almost everywhere in the dashboard. You’ll find them used to display posts, pages, users, comments, etc. as well as in many popular plugins. Over the years, they’ve become the de facto standard for displaying tabular information in WordPress.
wordpress  webdevelopment  wpadmin  plugins  database 
14 hours ago by Aetles
LODLAM 2017 - YouTube
ResearchSpace - a native Linked Data system via Pocket
database  linkeddata  mellon  museums  paper  uk 
17 hours ago by kintopp

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