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akesterson/dpath-python: A python library for accessing and searching dictionaries via /slashed/paths ala xpath
Basically it lets you glob over a dictionary as if it were a filesystem. It allows you to specify globs (ala the bash eglob syntax, through some advanced fnmatch.fnmatch magic) to access dictionary elements, and provides some facility for filtering those results.
python  data-structure  query  library 
5 weeks ago by bkittelmann
TypeScript enums explained – Kat Busch – Medium
This article explains the difference between Typescript’s enum, const enum, declare enum, and declare const enum identifiers. Caveat: I don’t recommend you use any of these enums most of the time…
typescript  data-structure 
june 2018 by kensnyder
Extending Array With TypeScript – SimonTest
TypeScript is often described as JavaScript for C# developers. It kind of feels like C# but make no mistake, you’re still in JavaScript land. Let’s cut to the chase, you’ve grown accustomed to your…
JS  data-structure 
june 2018 by kensnyder

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