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How to Learn Pandas - Added November 21, 2017 at 11:53AM
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4 days ago by xenocid
Structured text tools
This is an amazing, and comprehensive as far as I know, list of tools for munging plain-text files. It includes tools broken up by file type (CSV, JSON, XML, etc). It does not include much in the way of comparison or recommendation. It does seem to get updated. (At least, it includes xsv, which is relatively recent.)
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9 days ago by DGrady
The best data science learning resources out there and my journey into data science-
So, in this post I will be sharing some of my tips and the best resources out there which I used to get started when I was a complete stranger to this buzz word around 2 years back. It’s been quiet a…
data-science  education 
12 days ago by shoesiq
Machine Learning From Scratch: Part 1 – Towards Data Science
This is the first article in a brand new series on machine learning. Each article will be based on five core principles: Machine learning uses computers to predict unknown object attributes through…
machine-learning  data-science  education 
12 days ago by shoesiq

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