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Irish State told to delete ‘unlawful’ data on 3.2m citizens
This is amazing:
The State has been told it must delete data held on 3.2 million citizens, which was gathered as part of the roll-out of the Public Services Card, as there is no lawful basis for retaining it.

In a highly critical report on its investigation into the card, the Data Protection Commission found there was no legal reason to make individuals obtain the card in order to access State services such as renewing a driving licence or applying for a college grant. [...]

Helen Dixon, the Data Protection Commissioner, told The Irish Times that forcing people to obtain such a card for services other than those provided by the department was “unlawful from a data-processing point of view”.
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8 days ago by jm
The Point of Collection
> The below-the-surface work of a particular data set is joined to the reasons and means that created it and the relationships running through those reasons and means.
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april 2019 by tarakc02
Amazon Dark Patterns | Hacker News
Prompted by this post, I wanted to check what happened to the 1-star review I have left 6 months ago. (Product worked for 3 days and then stopped, and after a replacement, the same thing happened). Sure enough, I have 0 comment in my profile, and I just checked, it has also disappeared from the product page.

This is shady as hell, because I am 100% sure I wrote this review. I even wrote it twice, once on and once translated on a local amazon site. This is slightly infuriating.
amazon  dark.patterns  all-your-data-are-belong-to-us  privacy  data-collection 
july 2018 by MarcK
Respectful Collection of Demographic Data
Demographic data may be critical to your mission as a community center, legally required diversity disclosure of a corporation, or an idle curiosity of a blogger to understand their followers.

Whatever your reason, this article establishes some guidelines for respectful design of your form and language for collecting demographic data.
data-collection  demographic-data  form-fields  ux-writing  content-strategy 
july 2018 by marysbutler
Garbage In, Garbage Out: machine learning has not repealed the iron law of computer science / Boing Boing
> The problem is as old as data-processing itself: garbage in, garbage out. Assembling the large, well-labeled datasets needed to train machine learning systems is a tedious job (indeed, the whole point and promise of machine learning is to teach computers to do this work, which humans are generally not good at and do not enjoy). The shortcuts we take to produce datasets come with steep costs that are not well-understood by the industry.

> It's an important lesson for product design, but even more important when considering machine learning's increasing role in adversarial uses like predictive policing, sentencing recommendations, parole decisions, lending decisions, hiring decisions, etc. These datasets are just as noisy and faulty and unfit for purpose as the datasets Warden cites, but their garbage out problem ruins peoples' lives or gets them killed.
machine-learning  bias  algorithmic-bias  training-data  data-collection  labeled-data 
may 2018 by tarakc02
Open Data Kit
Open Data Kit (ODK) is a free and open-source set of tools which help organizations author, field, and manage mobile data collection solutions.
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may 2018 by spl

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