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Mobile Forms Software and Data Collection App - Device Magic
Mobile Forms software & data collection app to streamline your business with fast, efficient data capture. Mobilize your team with customizable forms that can be submitted anywhere from mobile devices. Reduce errors & improve data collection with mobile forms. Utilize the forms app in the field with a free trial.
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20 minutes ago by pauldavis
Facebook ordered to stop collecting user data by Belgian court | Technology | The Guardian
Facebook has been ordered by a Belgian court to stop collecting data on users or face daily fines of €250,000 a day, or up to €100m.

The court ruled on Friday that Facebook had broken privacy laws by tracking people on third-party sites in the latest salvo in a long-running battle between the Belgian commission for the protection of privacy (CPP) and the social network.
belgium  data  facebook  dataprotection  cookies  tracking  example  regulation 
42 minutes ago by corrickwales
Real content for all your designs
Lists is a gallery of real content ready to populate your mockups. Produce your best work by making informed decisions.
lists  data  design  longnames  addresses  numbers  people 
1 hour ago by spaceninja
Use Dictates the Parameters in Data Center Design and Construction - Area Development
How does an experienced data center developer meet the challenges of today’s diverse design and construction requirements?
area-development-features  Matt  cloud-solutions  data  data-centers  high-tech  tech  technology  facility-planning  construction  site-selection 
2 hours ago by areadevelopment

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