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Elasticsearch Essential Queries
Getting started with Elasticsearch

#elasticsearch #data

Getting started with Elasticsearch

#elasticsearch #data

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1 hour ago by michaelfox
Variance Charts
Variance empowers engineers, designers, journalists, scientists, and analysts to build elegant bespoke data graphics for the web, using only HTML & CSS. Our intuitive, markup-based grammar emphasizes clear, practical graphics and serves as the foundation for a wide range of visualizations.
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1 hour ago by rybesh
The History, Advocacy and Efficacy of Data Management Plans | bioRxiv
Data management plans (DMPs) have increasingly been encouraged as a key component of institutional and funding body policy. Although DMPs necessarily place administrative burden on researchers, proponents claim that DMPs have myriad benefits, including enhanced research data quality, increased rates of data sharing, and institutional planning and compliance benefits.

In this manuscript, we explore the international history of DMPs and describe institutional and funding body DMP policy. ...
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2 hours ago by marlened
Communicating Uncertainty In Official Economic Statistics: an Appraisal Fifty Years After Morgenstern
"Federal statistical agencies in the United States and analogous agencies elsewhere commonly report official economic statistics as point estimates, without accompanying measures of error. Users of the statistics may incorrectly view them as error free or may incorrectly conjecture error magnitudes. This paper discusses strategies to mitigate misinterpretation of official statistics by communicating uncertainty to the public. Sampling error can be measured using established statistical principles. The challenge is to satisfactorily measure the various forms of nonsampling error. I find it useful to distinguish transitory statistical uncertainty, permanent statistical uncertainty, and conceptual uncertainty. I illustrate how each arises as the Bureau of Economic Analysis periodically revises GDP estimates, the Census Bureau generates household income statistics from surveys with nonresponse, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics seasonally adjusts employment statistics. I anchor my discussion of communication of uncertainty in the contribution of Oskar Morgenstern (1963a), who argued forcefully for agency publication of error estimates for official economic statistics. (JEL B22, C82, E23)"
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5 hours ago by arsyed

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