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dat:// site tho • Hannu Hartikainen
I came across the Dat Project yesterday. In short it’s BitTorrent-based web with version history—yes, I admit my description sounds like one of those uber-for-larvae startups. But I quickly tried dat out and it seems very useful for filesharing and has potential for content publishing.
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6 minutes ago by bouvin
Support for multwriter archives opens the way to multiuser beaker browser apps. Very cool work from .…
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10 hours ago by jimpick
RT : Rule of thumb when to use or (SSB) for P2P apps:

🔸 Dat is good for chosen content from any peers…
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8 days ago by jimpick
Join us for a roundtable event with expert who will be sharing his knowledge & answering…
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12 days ago by jimpick
Google Groups
Excited to see browsers are starting adding support for the distributed web. , , , , .
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16 days ago by rabble
Tour - Take a tour of Beaker
Beaker is an experimental peer-to-peer browser. Just like other browsers, you can browse http:// and https:// websites:

Part of the DAT community
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18 days ago by walecain

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