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Ball Aerospace - OAWL- wind LIDAR
New compact wind LIDAR with long range, which in theory would allow a high altitude balloon to detect favorable wind directions and change altitude to maneuver, becoming effectively stationary.
wind  detection  LIDAR  DARPA  high  altitude  maneuvering  geostationary  stratellite  balloon 
4 days ago by asteroza
DARPA, Army & Team Platypus: Big Boosts For Artificial Intelligence « Breaking Defense - Defense industry news, analysis and commentary
The whole military is keenly interested in artificial intelligence to sort through hundreds of terabytes of surveillance imagery and video collected by satellites and drones, sorting terrorists from civilians and legitimate targets from, say, hospitals. That’s the purpose of the infamous Project Maven, which Google pulled out of on ethical grounds (while secretly helping China censor Google Search). But AI object recognition is another nascent science. Former DARPA director Arati Prabhakar liked to show reporters an image of a baby playing with a toothbrush that a cutting-edge AI had labeled “a young boy is holding a baseball bat.”
ai  darpa  military  wireless  radio 
4 weeks ago by bwiese
The Pentagon is studying an insect army to defend crops. Critics fear a bioweapon. - The Washington Post
"Insect Allies" exploits the latest in CRISPR gene editing to help imperiled crops, but critics fear such technology could evolve into a biological weapon.
DARPA  Entomology  bioweapon 
4 weeks ago by casfindad
Colosseum: A Battleground for AI Let Loose on the RF Spectrum | 2018-09-15 | Microwave Journal
"In this article, we discuss the design and implementation of Colosseum, including the architectural choices and trades required to create an internet-based radio development and test environment of this scope and scale."
MicrowaveJournal  DARPA  Colosseum  AI  RF  simulation  mirror-worlds 
7 weeks ago by pierredv
Ask HN: Where can one learn about the history of the internet and the protocols? | Hacker News
These HN comments are chock full of links and suggested reading about the history of then internet and arpanet. Don't miss the link to the rfc-editor.org which tracks rfc's and their replacements over time.
history  internet  darpa  networking 
july 2018 by brentfarwick
Former Obama Officials Help Silicon Valley Pitch the Pentagon for Lucrative Defense Contracts
Work said he was “alarmed” to see the Silicon Valley company abandon the Project Maven initiative, adding that he hoped “it’s not a canary in the coal mine” that presages other technology firms distancing themselves from Defense Department contracts.
google  defense  technology  darpa  military 
july 2018 by jomc

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