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Deceived by Design
How tech companies use dark patterns to discourage us from exercising our rights to privacy
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4 days ago by aperfect
Taler om i om lidt i programmet Digitalt. Med os er , som mener vi skal brokke os hø…
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24 days ago by marks
Digital Psychology
Digital Psychology – a free library of psychological principles and examples for inspiration to enhance the customer experience and connect with your users.
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6 weeks ago by lidel
The Bullshit Web — Pixel Envy
Given the assumption that any additional bandwidth offered to web developers will immediately be consumed, there seems to be just one possible solution, which is to reduce the amount of bytes that are transmitted.

There is a cumulative effect of bullshit; its depth and breadth is especially profound. In isolation, the few seconds that it takes to load some extra piece of surveillance JavaScript isn’t much. Neither is the time it takes for a user to hide an email subscription box, or pause an autoplaying video. But these actions compound on a single webpage, and then again across multiple websites, and those seemingly-small time increments become a swirling miasma of frustration and pain.
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7 weeks ago by imaginaryfriend
RT : Our report - How tech companies use to discourage us from exercising our rights to…
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12 weeks ago by douglevin

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